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Fuzzy Feelings – Apple Holiday Film #midweekmotivations

Fuzzy Feelings - Apple Holiday Film

Check out the Apple Holiday Film called Fuzzy Feelings featuring some stop motion animation shot on iPhone. It’s the heartwarming story of a desk jockey/stop motion animator with a terrible boss who uses stop motion as an outlet for her frustration. She dreams up interesting ways to make him suffer through her art. But, it’s the holidays and you know there will be a happy ending. Not only that, the soundtrack features George Harrison’s “Isn’t It a Pity”, a beautiful, timeless song. Who’s crying? I’m not crying.

Doing some REAL stop motion? Here’s what the pros use.



The Premier Image Capture Software for Stop Motion Animation, Motion Design & Visual Effects

Dragonframe is the premier frame-grabbing software for stop motion animation and time-lapse photography. Dragonframe has innovated in the world of stop motion software by pushing the functionality beyond frame grabbing to provide a full assortment of production tools.

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Or how about Stop Motion simulation? Yep, that’s an option.

Ebberts + Zucker Beatnik is a time-remapping tool for After Effects that includes Stop Motion Simulation.

Ebberts + Zucker Beatnik

Ebberts + Zucker Beatnik

Unlock new levels of time effects to create beat-driven edits, retiming, audio-reactive speed changes & more with just 1 click.

Beatnik is the first script to combine advanced peak detection with time remapping to allow for unprecedented command of sound-based time effects in After Effects. It’s built for audio-triggered speed ramps, automatic edits, montages and a wide range of retiming capabilities ranging from subtle to extreme.

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And for you Premiere Pro editors out there

Stop Motion Convert

Stop Motion Convert

Automatic Stop Motion Editing!

This is Stop Motion Convert extension for Adobe Premiere Pro. In brief, it lets you automatically convert a long recording into a complete and final stop-motion animation video!

With the Stop Motion Convert extension, you can edit stop-motion animation videos easier than ever before. Just record a continuous clip on a tripod. Then, move some objects around in the frame. Definitely, its easy!

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