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Update: GameSynth 2023.1 Released + Sale

Update: GameSynth 2023.1 Released

Tsugi announced GameSynth 2023.1, a free update for license holders. For new users, save 30% through June 30, 2023!

What’s new in GameSynth 2023.1

This update is loaded with new features and improvements, many spurred by the GameSynth user community. They have a new Discord server, too.

The information below comes from the Tsugi-Studio blog. Twirl down the accordion below to see what’s new!

Video Playback

Eagerly awaited, video playback is now available for all models. Synchronize with the beginning and the end of the audio playback, or with the drawing on the Sketch Pad. The control window includes seeking and looping options, and can even be made semi-transparent if your screen real estate is limited.

Video playback synchronized with your drawing simply is the best workflow when designing sounds to picture!

gamesynth 2023.1video playback

GameSynth API

GameSynth can now be remotely controlled via TCP by using the new GameSynth API. Commands allow to load, save, and render patches, get patches from the repository, add or update automation curves, playback patches and adjust their meta-parameter values in real-time, and more!

Examples of implementations are provided for Unity (to query patches in the repository, render one or more variations, and add them as Audio Clips to your project), Reaper (to import sounds clips and export automation items), and Pure Data (to remotely play and control GameSynth patches).

We can’t wait to see what new workflows you will create with the GameSynth API!


Soundly is an increasingly popular sound database, and a new exporter is now available for it in the Export window. As for the other exporters, you will be able to choose the number of variations to export. The destination library and folder inside Soundly can also be selected.

Finally, metadata can be inserted, including the UCS data associated with the GameSynth patch, which will be recognized by Soundly.

soundly gamesynth 2023.1

UCS 8.2 support

Speaking of the UCS, the Universal Category System – which defines a list of sound effect categories and subcategories used in many professional audio software programs – has been updated to version 8.2 (likely the last one for a long while), and GameSynth now supports this latest specification.

We recommend that you assign a UCS category and subcategory to your patches as it is very easy to do, and constitutes a useful way to organize them. Indeed, this information can be automatically added to your file names when rendering sounds in GameSynth, and be read by other audio tools.

USC gamesynth 2023.1

And a lot more!

Many more features and improvements have found their way in GameSynth 2023.1 and we invite you to check the release notes for more detailed information.

Among them: faster wiring of new modules, new options in the sample lists (e.g., in the Particles model and the Granular Player module) and when rendering files, and improvements to the Bank window.

As always, let us know what you think of this new version, and what you want to see in the next one. We are already hard at work on it!

Introductory Sale

Save 30% on Tsugi GameSynth through June 30, 2023!

Tsugi GameSynth

Tsugi GameSynth

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Bring your game, animation, and movie projects to life through sound with Tsugi GameSynth! This revolutionary sound design tool uses the latest advances in procedural audio to give you an amazingly powerful suite of features. It offers a range of synthesizers - Whoosh, Retro, Impact, Particles, Footsteps, VoiceFX and Engines - that can be used to create amazing sounds. You also have access to a visual patching system where you’re able to connect 60+ types of modules for even more dazzling results. What’s more, GameSynth can generate sound variations automatically so you don’t have to worry about creating every variation manually. Unleash the power of creative sound design with Tsugi GameSynth!

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