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Midweek Motivation: Tennyson – L’oiseau qui danse from Jean-Marie Marbach

Midweek Motivation: Tennyson – L’oiseau qui danse from Jean-Marie Marbach

This gorgeous animation featured the music of Tennyson and was directed by Jean-Marie Marbach. Jean-Marie used particle effects and environments created with Trapcode Suite included in Red Giant Complete. We shared this one last year but we’re sharing it again because it is a winner at 2018 SIGGRAPH Asia, taking place during the first week of December in Tokyo, Japan! Félicitations à vous, Jean-Marie!

Tennyson – L’oiseau qui danse

SIGGRAPH Asia 2018 Computer Animation Festival Award Winners

The Award Ceremony is taking place on December 5  at Hall C (4F, C Block), if you’ll be in Tokyo for the event. On the winner’s page, they describe the video as “Inspired by Visual Music, created with Trapcode Suite and animated with particles on music by Canadian band Tennyson, this project features the journey of an origami bird in a mysterious field of light.”

Learn more:

Jean-Marie Marbach Interview

Here’s the short interview we did with Jean-Marie last year about Tennyson’s video.

Toolfarm: How did you use Trapcode Suite in the Tennyson music video?

Jean-Marie Marbach: Except for the bird which was created with simple parented 3D solids, everything was created with Trapcode Suite and particles. Grass and flowers with Particular (with main use of the Aux system generator), ambient particles with Form, various billowing, wispy, and exploding effects with Mir, and environments with Form and Horizon.

Finally, the gray origami totem at the beginning was created with a low poly Mir layer, a very simple but effective way to create origami-shaped objects.

All renders were done in 32bpc, which brought nice highlight glows to the blending particles, especially apparent in the grass. Particular reacts very well to 32bpc, and I’d suggest that every user try it in this mode to see what it brings, especially when Depth of Field is involved, and choose which color mode is most suited to the scene.

Toolfarm: Beautiful work, Jean-Marie!

Jean-Marie also mentioned that he used custom After Effects Expressions from Dan Ebberts in the video. There is a dedicated page on Jean-Marie’s website, with an official gallery and additional information, so please check it out!

Midweek Motivations: The Art of Directing & VFX: Jean-Marie MarbachMidweek Motivations: The Art of Directing & VFX: Jean-Marie Marbach

We previously posted about another project from Jean-Marie back in March, and he was interviewed by the one and only Cirina Catania. He also utilized the Trapcode plug-ins in this project. Great stuff!!

Watch the video for MODULAR’s Fiebre En La Disco and Listen to The Art of Directing & VFX: Jean-Marie Marbach.

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