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New: McNeel Rhino 8

New: McNeel Rhino 8

The new McNeel Rhino 8 brings a host of powerful new features and tools to take your 3D modeling to the next level. With ShrinkWrap, you can quickly and easily capture shapes and snap meshes to other objects. Plus, Rhino 8 brings a huge speed boost to Mac users, enabling you to work faster and more efficiently than ever before. Many of the drafting and design tools have also been improved, you can now quickly access and customize the User Interface for your specific needs, and the Render engine is faster than ever. New Grasshopper data types allow you to visualize data in 3D for quick and easy analysis, and the PushPull workflows make it easier than ever to create complex 3D shapes. With such a powerful set of features, Rhino 8 is sure to take your 3D modeling projects to the next level.

Rhino 8 adds dozens of refinements to existing tools and some new ones:

  • Modeling Simplified: Combine new tools to quickly sketch your idea in 3D.
  • PushPull: Grab a face and push or pull it, extruding or extending. PushPull speeds up modeling by using curves to add or remove volumes from existing surfaces.
  • Gumball: The move, scale, and rotate widget gets new grips for extending and extruding.
  • SubD: SubD Creases are great for making fillet-like features.
  • Surface Fillets: FilletSrf has a new UI with dynamic radius previews.
  • Offset: Offset can now create multiple closed regions.

McNeel Rhino

McNeel Rhino

Available now with ShrinkWrap, SubD Creases, Mac Speed Boost, and more.

McNeel Rhino 8 is a powerful and feature-rich 3D modeling software that is perfect for architects, mechanical engineers, product designers, and 3D animators. With Rhino 8, you can design highly detailed 3D models quickly and easily, with its robust suite of tools and features. From its new ShrinkWrap modeling tool to its SubD Creases and improved drafting tools, you'll be able to create more detailed and realistic 3D models than ever before. And, Mac users will experience a huge speed boost when using Rhino 8. Other features of this powerful 3D design software include a faster Render engine, a more customizable User Interface, PushPull workflows, new Grasshopper data types, and much more. With its intuitive user interface and array of features, anyone can start designing amazing 3D models with Rhino 8 right away.

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