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NOMANKIND by Mehdi Hadi + Interview

Mehdi Hadi

NOMANKIND is a very dark post-apocalyptic film short by Mehdi Hadi, in which society is dominated by machines. It’s beautifully lit and rendered social commentary about the outcomes of humanity’s destructive behaviors.

If the name Mehdi Hadi sounds familiar, he was a presenter on August 12, 2020, on the Maxon 3D & Motion Design Show. Check out his presentation here (6:16:51). Based in Paris, France, he is a 3D Artist, VFX/Motion Designer, and Director, using tools such as Maxon Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects CC, Houdini, and more.

Research and Design for Short Film | Live with Mehdi Hadi

In the video below, Motion Designers Community interviewed Mehdi and talks about his work in general and specifically on NOMANKIND. He shows storyboards, style boards, and pre-vis.

See more on his Behance profile.

More about Mehdi Hadi

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