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New: Chaos V-Ray 6 for Revit is Now Available

v-ray 6 for revit

Chaos V-Ray 6 for Revit is the most comprehensive rendering toolset for photorealistic rendering in Revit.  This update adds V-Ray Decals, better materials, Enscape to V-Ray compatibility and more.  V-Ray handles every task requiring physically correct lighting and materials, and now it gives you even more.  And don’t miss the free webinar on December 14 to learn more about V-Ray 6 for Revit and Enscape. More info below.

What’s new in V-Ray 6 for Revit

V-Ray 6 for Revit is the most comprehensive rendering toolset for photorealistic rendering in Revit. As well as handling every task requiring physically correct lighting and materials, V-Ray now gives you even more. Easily create cloudy skies and animate beautiful timelapses. Place decals without limitations. V-Ray 6 boosts team collaboration by letting you bring Enscape data inside V-Ray, and review renders on Chaos Cloud.

Full Release Notes

Unify your visualization workflow

At every stage of your project, from initial design to final delivery, V-Ray 6 for Revit has the tools you need to visualize and collaborate every step of the way.

Enscape to V-Ray compatibility
If your team is using Enscape for design development in Revit, this is the news you’ve been waiting for: V-Ray 6 reads Enscape cloud settings, materials, and compatible assets, allowing Revit designers and visualization specialists to collaborate like never before.

Enscape clouds are transferred to illuminate your model in its true lighting. Enscape clouds are transferred to illuminate your model in its true lighting. You can apply V-Ray properties to Enscape materials to take them to photorealism or substitute them with V-Ray ones. 3D models can be replaced with higher-quality equivalents without starting from scratch.
With this compatibility, early design intent is kept and arch-viz specialists can build on the work in a smooth handover.


Review and approve anytime, anywhere
Sharing your work for approval is now simplified by Chaos Cloud Collaboration. YUpload renders and 360 panoramas, collect and track feedback, and access project files from any device, any time you need them.



New workflows

Boost your visualization with powerful new tools.

V-Ray Decal
Apply graffiti, road markings, autumn leaves, or other unique materials onto surfaces. And add realistic relief using displacement. V-Ray Decal can be placed without limitations, so you can project it across multiple objects in your model, or stack one over the other if your project requires it.

Procedural clouds
Cirrus, stratus, or cumulus? Enrich your skies with exactly the clouds you envision and animate their movement in solar study animations.

Finite Dome light
Embed your model into an HDR image environment and tune the scale of the surroundings to perfection.

Asset tags
Group families and materials with the new tagging system to manage complex projects more efficiently.

Realistic Generic materials
Visualize native Generic materials with improved fidelity and refine them to photorealism in the Asset Editor.

Improved Dirt placement
Place dirt or weathering effects exactly where you want them by including and excluding objects.

Enhanced translucent materials
Render materials such as frosted glass and marble faster with the improved subsurface scattering mode.

Iridescent materials
Create iridescent materials such as soap bubbles, oil spills, and polarized glass with the new Thin Film option.

More accurate reflections
Render metals and other rough reflective materials with improved accuracy.

Additional features & improvements

All assets inside Chaos Cosmos
Access the V-Ray Material library through Chaos Cosmos and manage all your 3D content from a single location.

View panoramas in the VFB
Preview spherical panorama renders directly inside the V-Ray Frame Buffer, removing the need for third-party tools.

Composition guides
Find the perfect angle for your composition by using classic proportion guides, or create your own.

Lighting Analysis on GPU
Calculate the light intensity of spaces with the aid of the Lighting Analysis render element.

V-Ray Sketchup WebinarSketchUp Users! Free Webinar December 14th

Toolfarm is Hosting a Free Webinar with Chaos

Join our Chaos V-Ray 6 for SketchUp webinar led by Ivan Kozaliev, CG Specialist. Ivan will help you explore the limits of rendering and creativity by showcasing the latest features and benefits of version 6.

Wednesday December 14th – 1PM EST | 10AM PST

  • Learn about the V-Ray and Enscape compatibility. This allows you to transfer real-time scenes from Enscape and continue working on them in V-Ray.
  • Learn how to take advantage of over 3,000 render-ready models, materials, and HDRIs. The 3D content library is ever-growing.
  • Streamline your workflow with some powerful new tools, including the Procedural Clouds, V-Ray Enmesh, and Distance Texture.
  • Learn how to give and receive feedback on projects on the Chaos Cloud.

Attend for a chance to win a year of V-Ray!

Register Here

Chaos V-RayChaos V-Ray

The one renderer that does it all.

Bold designs. Moving stories. Mind-blowing art. No matter your vision, Chaos V-Ray will help you bring it to life. 3D artists and designers across the globe use V-Ray to create photorealistic images and animations.

V-Ray works seamlessly with 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, Houdini, Maya, Nuke, Revit, Rhino, SketchUp, and Unreal. This allows you to transform 3D scenes into works of art from your favorite application.

Learn MoreTry Chaos V-Ray for free!

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