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New: CoreMelt Detonators Bundle is Now Available

coremelt detonators bundle

Get Cormelt’s most powerful toolset of Final Cut Pro plugins and effects with the new Detonators Bundle.  It includes tools for Tracking, VFX, Paint, Stabilization, Look Development, and more.

Coremelt Detonators Bundle

Coremelt Detonators Bundle

Eight explosive plugin packs for Final Cut Pro

The Detonator Bundle includes PaintX, SliceX, TrackX, DriveX, Lock and Load, LUTX, ModelXand StyleX.

The SliceX / TrackX / DriveX plugin suite for professional motion tracking gives you three powerful tools for using Academy Award-winning mocha tracking directly on the timeline in FCP X. PaintX allows for super quick cleanups using tracked paint strokes.

Also included is Coremelt’s blazingly fast Lock and Load X stabilizer, LUTx is Coremelt’s powerful LUT browser with an interactive gallery, also included is the ModelX tool for working with 3D models inside Final Cut Pro and StyleX for applying machine learning video styles to your footage.

Better tracking with the Academy Award-winning Mocha Planar Tracker

Final Cut Pro has a tracker built in, and it’s great for some tasks. For some shots it just doesn’t get it right and it’s all or nothing, there are no tools to fix or adjust a track. All tracking in the Detonators bundles is done using the Mocha planar tracker, licensed from BorisFx. You can stop, revise, adjust, and add manual keyframes until your track is perfect.

Powerful full-screen interface

PaintX, SliceX, and DriveX open your selected clip in a full-screen viewer allowing you to quickly focus only on the tools you need to fix the shot in progress. All the tools are instantly available.

MSRP: $299.00 SALE: $209.30

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Press Release

Industry Experts Praise CoreMelt Detonators Plugin Set for Final Cut Pro

New plugin set brings powerful paint, tracking and 3D tools to all users of Final Cut Pro on Apple Silicon and Intel Macs.

Sydney, Australia, – May 31, 2023 – CoreMelt, the leading provider of advanced video plug-in effects for Final Cut Pro, released the Detonators plugin pack at NAB 2023. Since then, industry experts have been quick to praise the advanced tools and power of the new plugin
set. The Detonators plugin set integrates seamlessly with Final Cut Pro’s built in tools, adding new ways to work with tracking, paint, 3D models, AI styles, and other visual effects.

Alister Robbie, Director and editor from The Post Project, explains: “When Final Cut’s built in tracking fails, the CoreMelt tools have always saved me, and the paint tools are indispensable for quick touch ups and fixes. We use CoreMelt tools in almost every project”.

Roger Bolton, Founder and Product Director at CoreMelt, adds: “We always try and work closely with creatives like Alister during our product development process to make sure the tools really work for the real world tasks and to simplify the steps so you can do everything on the timeline in minutes”.

The Detonators plugin set includes eight powerful products.

  • PaintX – draw paint strokes and track them instantly with flexible clone and heal tools.
  • Lock & Load – the fastest, most powerful stabilizer for Final Cut.
  • ModelX – load and add logos to 3D objects, right on the timeline.
  • SliceX – track masks for color correction, blurs, glows and visual effects
  • TrackX – quick screen replacements, or sign coverups with planar tracking
  • DriveX – tracked particles, 3D text, callouts and 3D models.
  • StyleX – AI video style transfer grunge effects
  • LUTx – powerful LUT loader with interactive gallery to see your LUTs on your footage instantly.

One of the first to take CoreMelt Detonators through its paces, Director/Producer Che Baker of Full Point Films gave the new plug-in set high marks: “Detonators is worth the price just for PaintX, it’s so fast and easy to do cleanups. We also use the screen replace tools constantly, for covering up signs or logos or anything else we can’t have in shot”.

Great Guns Director Remo Camerota adds “The stabilizer has saved shots nothing else could fix, and the animated paint strokes created super fast visual effects for several music videos. In terms of Final Cut Pro plugins, these are the best”. CoreMelt’s Roger Bolton sums up: “This is just the start. We will be adding to Detonators and having more new products coming soon.”

To learn more about the CoreMelt Detonators bundle, click here.

CoreMelt Detonators Bundle Pricing and Availability

CoreMelt Detonators bundle is available now and is priced at $299. Purchasers of previous products may be eligible for discounted upgrades, check out the website for details, or contact [email protected]

About CoreMelt
CoreMelt, established in 2005, is a Sydney, Australia-based developer of advanced video plug-in effects for the editorial, compositing, design and visual effects communities. CoreMelt products are available worldwide through the Internet and resellers in the US, and Japan. For
additional information on CoreMelt and its range of products, please visit:

About The Post Project, Alister Robbie
Melbourne Victoria based Director / Creative and Brewer Alister Robbie works with major brands in Australia and Thailand with an emphasis on bringing food and beverage brands to new markets with a constant stream of creative across all media types.

About Full Point Films, Che Baker
Canberra based Director Che Baker has directed sci fi features like “Blue World Order” as well as co production and development services. “States of Mind” is his latest film in production.

About White Wall Studios, Remo Camerota
Los Angeles based Director / Photographer and all round visual artist Remo Camerota has worked on projects for Devo, Donna Summers and Val Kilmer among others and is represented by Great Guns for commercial work.

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