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New: Pomfort Silverstack/XT v8.0 Now Available

silverstack v8

Pomfort has released Silverstack and Silverstack XT version 8, adding Library Sync, multiple audio slate markers, a new “Slating System” and more.

What’s new in Silverstack/XT v8?

Highlights of the new version include:

  • Library Sync: Keep a shared project clip library in sync across the Silverstack applications on multiple machines via ShotHub
  • Multiple audio slate markers: Sync multiple video clips with the same or different claps on one audio clip
  • Slating System: Pick a “Slating System” (Standard/American/All) and benefit from new menu items and actions for editing slate info
  • MP4/MOV file renaming: Apply a renaming pattern during offload to get individual file names for your clips



Clever Media Management for Film Productions

Silverstack is your tool for media acquisition and professional data management. Silverstack imports and handles any kind of camera and media format. In fact, Silverstack offers a flexible way of data handling by supporting any kind of file format – including sound files, photos, any camera media and all other production documents.

Learn more about Silverstack     Learn More about Silverstack XT

Try Silverstack or Silverstack XT for free!

Silverstack vs Silverstack XT

Silverstack covers all functionality for comprehensive on-set data management. In addition, Silverstack XT extends these features by additional formats, distributed workflows and specific post features.

FeaturesSilverstackSilverstack XT
Secure copy with common checksum methods
In-depth metadata acquisition and editing
Clip transfer to various 3rd party tools
CDL and LUT grading engine
Advanced grading features including ACES color processing
Basic audio file handling and playback
Advanced audio file handling, playback and manual audio sync
Basic transcoding functionalities
HD-SDI output
Backup to LTO/LTFS

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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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