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Update: Chaos Enscape Announces 100+ New Bathroom Assets

Chaos enscape bathroom update

Elevate your bathroom renders with the range of new assets that have been added to the Enscape Asset Library, including bathroom accessories, furniture pieces, new bathroom materials, and more. You can find them in the people, furniture, materials, and accessories categories. Additionally, more new assets will be released thru the end of 2023.

What’s been added to Enscape?

enscape bathroom update bathtub and sinks

Assets to boost your bathroom renders

From bathtubs to bidets, the new Enscape assets can aesthetically transform any bathroom space. Whether you’re working on a luxurious spa-like retreat or a contemporary minimalist design, these new additions offer endless possibilities to elevate the ambiance and style of a bathroom render.

This new collection of assets includes:

  • 96 bathroom accessories
  • 5 bathroom furniture pieces
  • 15 new bathroom materials
  • 7 new scanned people assets

enscape bathroom glass wall

Access the new bathroom assets

If you are already using Enscape 3.5, you will automatically see the new assets in the Asset Library. (If you are using the offline asset library in Enscape, you need to download the new assets by unticking and ticking the checkbox).

If you are not yet on the latest version of Enscape, upgrade for free to Enscape 3.5 to access this new asset package and start enjoying enhanced rendering quality with our recent global illumination improvements.


Chaos Enscape

Chaos Enscape

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