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AEJuice I Want It All Bundle Yearly

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AEJuice I Want It All Bundle Yearly


Download demos and trial versions, product documentation, free presets and more.

AEJuice Pack Manager

You may download a free Demo after logging in.

AEJuice I Want It All Bundle Yearly

AEJuice's Best Selling Bundle

Get EVERYTHING AEJuice has ever made. See the list of included products below. You’ll get an infinite number of possibilities with these tools and assets.

Ready to import the world’s biggest and complete 20,000+ animation assets library in 100+ different categories… leverage our library that took more than $1 million to create over 5 years to better serve your clients and speed up production time. Work smart, not hard.

($10,000+ value from getting 200 hours per year back – that’s four weeks of work! Calculated based on average saving per customer and average motion designer rate of $50/h in the US.).

  • Animation assets management software that helps find, import, and customize animations.
  • “Saved you” calculator to show how much money you have saved using pre-made animations rather than creating them from scratch.
  • Animation library battle-tested by 100,000 thousand freelancers that finally cover all your needs: transitions, Instagram stories, slideshows, presets, icons, whiteboard animations, and so much more!
  • Growing and expanding library that adapts to market trends and user feedback automatically delivered to you over the air with no additional charge.
  • Documented online resources on each button and feature to help you save time.

Bonus #1. I Want To Learn It All Bundle – 100 years of combined experience condensed into 18 hours of training in 7 different courses. No matter whether you’re a beginner or professional you’ll find tremendous value in these educational materials.

Attention! This is a new experimental bonus so we limit this bonus to the first 100 people only.

($3,493 value based on the average market price for similar courses of $499 per course).

  • Learn from industry rock stars that you couldn’t get access to otherwise.
  • Comfortable online platform to watch videos either on your phone, laptop, or computer.
  • Source files to help you follow along with the teacher.
  • Study different techniques from 5 different teachers and cherry-pick the best practices that work for you.
  • Easy offline access to download all materials and study them on the plane or while you travel.
  • Tips and tricks from industry experts that will save you hundreds of hours in the future.
  • Invest in your improved performance.

Bonus #2. Lifetime access to all new future products including packages, and courses. ($5,000+ value based on the average of 1 new product added per month and average price per product of $79).

  • Get an email notification as soon as the product is available.
  • Add new tools to your arsenal completely free.
  • New packages will be added to your software automatically, no need to reinstall.

Bonus #3. VIP status that gives you a priority 24/7 chat and email support and priority feature and bug requests. ($1,000+ value based on the saved deadlines of previous customers).

Attention! We have 5 support agents now and each agent can support a limited number of people. We have to limit this bonus to 50 people so we continue to provide quality support.

Bonus #4. AEJuice In-Depth Training (valued at $499).

  • Learn how to get the maximum from Pack Manager software and packages
  • 3 hours going in-depth covering each feature that will save you hours or even days in the future
  • Creative tutorials with real-life projects

Bonus #5. Become unstoppable with your personalized library.

  • Add any composition or expression to the software in 1 click.
  • Create your own pack that works for your needs.
  • Use all Pack Manager features with your own assets.

Bonus #6. 10 million+ libraries of high quality and professional photos that’ll save hundreds of dollars per month on stock subscriptions and less time to find the right photo ($5,000 value for money it’ll save you from this point on in your life based on the current average price of $8.99 per photo).
Attention! Limited-time bonus. We’ve partnered with a top stock agency to provide this bonus and we have only 50 seats available. Once the seats are filled this bonus will be removed forever.
1. Same convenient asset software management tool right inside your video editor
2. Automatically license, download, import, add to your composition, and perfectly resize to fit photos
3. We add 10,000 new photos each day completely free for you
4. Curated library that updates each day
5. A no-hustle license that allows you all commercial usage except reselling as is, no need to read the fine print each time
6. Save to favorites to use later and download history
7. Don’t worry about the subscription usage, download unlimited photos

Only people who buy the I Want It All Bundle will get access to Bonus #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Products included in the I Want It All Bundle Annual Subscription:



I Want It All Bundle Tutorial

AEJuice System Requirements



After Effects CS6*, CC 12*, CC 2014*, CC 2015, CC 2017, CC 2018, CC 2019, CC 2020, 2021, 2023 or higher
Premiere Pro CC 2022 or higher
Other Video EditorsFCPX (Final Cut Pro X), DaVinci Resolve, Sony Vegas, Avid, Apple Motion & Motion 5, iMovie, OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), Filmora 9, Photoshop, and any other video-editing software in from of videos with transparent background or black background.
The following products do not support Premiere Pro 2021 or other video editors:2D Animation Presets, 3D Animation Presets, Audio Visualizer
*old versions are supported in a form of After Effects project without the plugin and provided as is
This table shows the system requirements for most AEJuice products. Please read the notes for this specific product, if applicable.

Floating License:

1 License can be used on 2 computers simultaneously. Computers can be switched by logging out/ logging in on a new computer.


All products take around 50GB of disk space. You can install only the animations you need at the moment or delete products at any time via Pack Manager.

aejuice vhs

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After Effects + AEJuice Liquid Elements: Fireball Effect for Beginners

This tutorial from Murray Frost walks you through all the steps to create a unique fireball effect using After Effects and AEJuice Liquid Elements.

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AEJuice Pack Manager Tutorial #gettingstarted

Learn how to use the free AEJuice Pack Manager in Adobe After Effects to help manage, and get the most, out of all of your AEJuice products.


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