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3 Ways VFX Artists Use A.I. In Hollywood #midweekmotivations

Watch a video from Wired explaining how A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) is helping VFX artists create difficult or time-consuming effects. It can also bring back the dead

Artificial Intelligence, or A.I., in VFX, has become extremely common. Watch a video from Wired explaining how VFX artists use A.I. with difficult or time-consuming effects. It can also bring back the dead! In the video, they talk about Wandavision, Avengers: Endgame, and recreating Andy Warhol’s voice.

But, A.I. is not just for VFX artists working in Hollywood on big-budget films. You can use A.I. in your Day to day work! Below the video, learn about some VFX and audio tools that will allow you to use A.I. and Machine Learning in your daily workflow

Use A.I. in your own VFX and Audio Work

Adobe Creative Cloud uses A.I. known as Adobe Sensei in its products, for example in Content-Aware Fill in After Effects and Photoshop. Below are a few other tools that use A.I. and Machine Learning.

Blace - AI Face Detection & Blurring

Blace - AI Face Detection & Blurring

The world's first AI-based and automated face detection and blurring system for compositing and editing.

Blace is an Artificial Intelligence-based plugin for face detection and blurring for After Effects and Premiere Pro.

Learn MoreTry Blace - AI Face Detection & Blurring for free!

Boris FX CrumplePop

Boris FX CrumplePop

Audio restoration plugins for video and podcast creators

Remove echo, fan noise, wind noise, mic rustle, plosives, and automatically level your audio right inside Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X. The CrumplePop Audio Suite contains six plugins for fixing the most common audio problems with A.I. in videos and podcasts: EchoRemover 2, AudioDenoise 2, WindRemover AI 2, RustleRemover AI, PopRemover AI, and Levelmatic.

Learn MoreTry Boris FX CrumplePop for free!

Hit'n'Mix RipX DeepAudio

Hit'n'Mix RipX DeepAudio

AI Empowerment. Audio Mastery.

With Hit'n'Mix RipX DeepAudio, easily and accurately splits full-mix stereo MP3s, WAVs and other file formats into voice, drums, bass, sound effects, guitar, keyboard, and other layers, using industry-leading AI source separation.

Learn MoreTry Hit'n'Mix RipX DeepAudio for free!

iZotope Ozone Advanced

iZotope Ozone Advanced

The Future of Mastering

Building on a 17-year legacy, Ozone 9 brings balance to your music with the latest advances in machine learning for mastering audio.

Learn MoreTry iZotope Ozone Advanced for free!

AEJuice AI Depth Map

AEJuice AI Depth Map

Easy to use at any resolut9ion for photos and video

AEJuice AI Depth Map is artificial Intelligence software to build depth maps from images and videos. Available for After Effects and Premiere Pro.

The processing speed is ~3-5 seconds per frame for the Full HD (1920×1080)

Learn More

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