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3D artist Clemens Sonntag on using U-Render and Cinema 4D

Clemens Sonntag Curtains U-Render

U-RENDER interviewed Berlin, Germany, based 3D artist Clemens Sonntag about how he uses U-RENDER with Cinema 4D. He talks about his career and workflow, as well as his frustrations and solutions to those frustrations!

Below, read an excerpt from the interview, where he explains how has U-Render helped him to overcome the challenges he had before?

For my internal design project, called Curtains, I really needed volumetrics but I also wanted the beautiful lighting Octane provides. Rendering Octane’s volumetrics still is a nightmare in my opinion (even though they improved over the years), so I came up with an alternative solution. I changed all the materials to black and used the volumetrics from U-Render. Rendered it all in 4K in a couple of minutes and added it as a layer in post. For finer details I added some noise to the fog layer. This really saved me hours of rendering and I don’t really see a visual disadvantage if you crank up the settings.

Clemens Sonntag

Curtains made by Clemens Sonntag

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