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Freebie: Crate’s Text Message Generator

Freebie: Crate’s Text Message Generator

Production Crate has a useful freebie for After Effects users: Crate’s Text Message Generator. This tool allows you to easily generate the look of text messages on-screen, crucial to the action in some scenes. To get this free tool, register for a free or pro account at Production Crate.

Create Text Messages with Final Cut Pro X

If you are a Final Cut Pro user, we have some great tools to generate text messages via SMA, iMessages, and more!

idustrial revolution XEffects Messages

idustrial revolution XEffects Messages

Designed to emulate an SMS, iMessage, Facebook or WhatsApp chat.

Get messaging with XEffects Messages. This set of Final Cut Pro X plugins emulates onscreen conversations as seen with SMS, iMessage, Facebook and WhatsApp.

Learn MoreTry idustrial revolution XEffects Messages for free!

PremiumVFX Instant Messages

PremiumVFX Instant Messages

Simulate chats, posts, reaction and more

PremiumVFX Instant Messages is a complete pack to simulate messages from popular message apps directly in Final Cut Pro. It has 60 awesome designed and professionally animated templates to do it. Simulate the conversations, notifications, reactions and more associated with social media. It even offers automatic tracking.

Easy to use. Customize it as you want.

Auto tracking included. Say goodbye to keyframes.

Learn MoreTry PremiumVFX Instant Messages for free!

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