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News: Future System Requirements for Cinema 4D and Redshift

Future System Requirements for Cinema 4D and Redshift

If you’re running Cinema 4D and Redshift on an older computer, it may be time to upgrade your hardware if you want to keep current with your Maxon software. Maxon says that future versions of Cinema 4D and Redshift will require AVX2 support on Windows and Linux.

What is AVX2?

AVX2 stands for Advanced Vector Extensions 2. AVX2 helps computers work smarter, process data faster, and handle complex tasks more efficiently. Simply, AVX2 allows computers to handle large amounts of data and perform complex calculations more efficiently, which means programs like Cinema 4D can run faster and you can get results faster. AVX2 is especially helpful for tasks that involve a lot of number crunching, like graphics, simulations, and scientific calculations, so you can understand why Maxon made this decision.

At Maxon, we have always strived to maximize performance by taking advantage of the latest in hardware technologies. We recognize maintaining backward compatibility is essential to not disrupting our customers’ production pipelines. However, there are often significant advancements in hardware performance that make maintaining backward compatibility an unattainable goal.

Consequently, in order to continue to take full advantage of technological advancements, future versions of Cinema 4D and Redshift will require the AVX2 instruction set. Changes are expected later this year, so it is highly recommended that users anticipate these updates and their impact on your pipeline.


So, which CPUS will be obsolete?

Obsolete CPUs are:

  • Anything before Q2 2013 from Intel Desktop CPUs
  • Anything before Q2 2013 from Intel Server CPUs (AVX2 introduced with the Xeon-Haswell based family of CPUs)
  • Anything before Q2 2015 from AMD CPUs (AVX2 introduced with Excavator family of CPUs)

If you’re unsure about your computer, check it at CPUID.

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki

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