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Update: Greyscalegorilla Plus Includes R25 Training from Andy Needham

Update: Greyscalegorilla Plus Includes R25 Training from Andy Needham

Everyone’s favorite 3D software got a huge overhaul and the new interface is different (and a bit confusing). In this brand new training, exclusive to Greyscalegorilla Plus, Andy Needham breaks down the new additions introduced in Cinema 4D R25.

What’s Inside Plus Exclusive R25 Training?

Join Andy Needham as he walks you through…

  • The new User Interface
  • The Asset Browser and .lib4d files
  • Dynamic Palettes
  • Presets
  • And so much more…

Previous Update: New Signal 3.0 + New Plugins, More Now in Greyscalegorilla Plus

August 31’s Greyscalegorilla Plus Update included a huge update for Signal 3.0. In addition, explore the new tools and collections. To put it another way, these tools are guaranteed to speed up your workflow.

Greyscalegorilla Plus Members get:

  • Signal 3.0 (exclusive update for Plus members only)
  • Paper Materials
  • Surface Imperfections: Dry Ink
  • Terrazzo Materials
  • A brand new Plugin: Drop Zone

Join Plus and start using these impressive new tools, coupled with all of the other customer favorites, RIGHT NOW! To point out, the full package value comes to over $9,000 in plugins, materials, and training! Check out the full list below.

Greyscalegorilla PlusGreyscalegorilla Plus

Step up your 3D career.

Greyscalegorilla Plus gives you what you need to create beautiful renders in less time. Learn how you can get over $9,000 of Pro Training, Material Collections, and Plugins for only $49 per month or $399 per year.

Learn More

The chart below denotes any products that were new over the last couple of months. As you can see, there were many new goodies added!

Greyscalegorilla Plus & Teams - What's included

See what you get with your Greyscalegorilla Plus and Teams in a handy list. Further descriptions are below.

Note: These are updated frequently so please check back for updates.




Light Kit ProEveryday Material CollectionGuide to Cinema 4D
Signal 3.0Modern Surface Material CollectionIntro to Arnold
GorillaCamTech ProductsGuide To Redshift
TransformTexture Kit ProGetting Started With Octane
Plus LibraryGorilla Grade LUTsIntro To Houdini
HDRI Link3D Dust ParticulateGuide To X-Particles
HDRI Studio Rig4K Dust ElementsAnimation Fundamentals
TopcoatSurface Imperfections: ScratchesGetting to Know Aces
City KitSurface Imperfections: SmudgesProduct Visualization
Drop ZoneCar Paints Materials CollectionAskGSG Seasons 1-4
Social FrameHDRI Pack - Commercial LocationsTech Lighting 101
AlignHDRI Pack - European HolidayQuick Tips - Find your Hack
Dual Login: Now Use Plus on 2 machines without logging in and out!HDRI Pack - Modern IndustrialIntro To Character Rigging
Animated GobosHDRI Pack - ParadiseStudio Lighting with Light Kit Pro
250 Models NewHDRI Pack - Pro StudiosTopology Crash Course
HDRI Pack - Pro Studios MetalProcedural Systems
HDRI Pack - Road TripIntro To Cinema 4D Training
HDRI Pack - Ultimate SkiesGreyscalegorilla Classics
HDRI Pack - Area Light MapsSignal Training
HDRI Pack - Area Light Maps: Part IIMaking It Look Great 11 - Hard Surface Modelling Tactics for Cinema 4D
HDRI Pack - SpaceR25 Training with Andy Needham
Metal Material Collection Volume 1Automotive Rendering with Nik V
Neon Material CollectionBokeh Map Product training
Paper MaterialsGuide to Arnold
Pro Studio Metals Volume 2 HDRIs
Surface Imperfections: Crust
Surface Imperfections: Dust
Surface Imperfections: Copy Machine
Surface Imperfections: Dry Ink
Surface Imperfections: Stains
Greyscalegorilla Light Gobos Vol. 1
Greyscalegorilla Wood Materials Vol. 1
120 Custom Bokeh Maps
Wood Veneers

What’s the difference between Greyscalegorilla Plus and Greyscalegorilla for Teams?

We’ve broken it down for you in an easy-to-understand chart.

Compare Greyscalegorilla Plus and Greyscalegorilla Teams

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