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Review/Interview: Mark Zawila on HDR Light Studio 8

Mark Zawilla hdr light studio 8 review

Mark Zawila, the founder of London’s Fabric Studios, beta-tested HDR Light Studio 8, a tool for amazing custom 3D lighting. HDR Light Studio 8 came out earlier this month.

This review/interview dives deep into the new features of HDR Light Studio 8, most notably the Scrim Light. Professional photographers use Scrim Lighting in the studio for lighting products. The technique uses a scrim, which is a sheet of translucent material, and a separate light source placed behind the scrim for an even, diffused light.

It’s worth mentioning, Mark is a Cinema 4D user and renders with both Redshift and Arnold.

Below, read an excerpt of what Mark has to say about his experience with HDR Light Studio 8.

What I particularly like is that there are many ways to make light adjustments within the UI, depending on your preferred workflow. This is very useful as when I’m using my laptop, I prefer using the sliders but when I’m on my main machine, I use a graphics tablet, so ‘clicking and dragging’ is then a more fluid workflow.

The Scrim Light is also very versatile when used in conjunction with area lights. I can create almost any lighting effect I need just using the scrim light which really simplifies and speeds up the lighting process, meaning I can focus all my attention on creating the exact lighting I want.

Mark Zawila on HDR Light Studio 8

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