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Update: Maxon ZBrush 2023.2, New Anchors Brush

Update: Maxon ZBrush 2023.2, New Anchors Brush

Today, Maxon unleashed the 2023.2 updates to ZBrush, its digital sculpting and software.

What’s new in ZBrush 2023.2

  • Anchors Brush: provides an intuitive new way to deform meshes. It works by applying anchors onto a mesh while allowing for a variety of actions to be performed with or without symmetry. Some actions include Inflate, Twist, Move, and Rotate.
  • Spotlight Enhancements: The Spotlight feature receives updated sliders providing increased control over the impact of alphas on surfaces. Mid-Value and Blur sliders join the already robust feature set. Spotlight provides artists with the ability to load, manipulate and transfer color and sculptural detail to the surfaces of ZBrush models.
  • Morph Brush Enhancement: The Morph Brush is expanded to include compatibility with Undo History. The Morph Brush allows the use of any instance of the Undo History as a morph target.
  • Contact has been updated to allow for the intuitive alignment of one mesh to another.

A Special ZBrush 2023.2 Presentation

The release information was not included with the Maxon One updates yesterday. However, it was announced on the ZBrush Special 2023.2 live stream with Ian Robinson and Paul Gaboury, which you can watch below.

More on the Zbrush YouTube channel

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