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Muse – You Make Me Feel Like It’s Halloween

Muse You Make Me Feel Like It's Halloween

Muse’s You Make Me Feel Like It’s Halloween is a homage to horror films like Scream, The Shining and It. It’s absolutely LOADED with VFX, created by Frame48. Below, we have the video and a Behind the Scenes from Frame48. The mask sequence is my favorite part!

How We Made: Muse – You Make Me Feel Like It’s Halloween

The Chaos blog also has an article with interviewing the team at Frame48. In the interview, learn about how they put together the big sequences in the video and how V-Ray‘s ultra fast rendering times helped them focus on the creativity. In fact, they used V-Ray Fur to create the grass in the opening shot.

After a previs edit was completed with rough blocking, the team hopped into look development, animation, and environment creation simultaneously, with all artists collaborating together on ShotGrid. With just eight people working full time at the studio in Culver City, Los Angeles, team members would jump from Maya, to Nuke, to coding pipeline improvements, in a matter of minutes.

Except: This is Halloween: How Frame48 designed a Muse video built for horror fans, Chaos Blog

If you don’t feel like reading, there’s a podcast episode below with CG Garage.

We’ve been using V-Ray since our student projects back in college, and we’ve really grown with it. Every project we’ve done in the last six years that has a CG element in it was rendered with V-Ray.

Tom Teller, Founder and Executive Producer at Frame48

Episode 399 – Tom Teller – Founder & Executive Producer at Frame 48

In this podcast, Tom Teller talks about working on Muse’s You Make Me Feel Like It’s Halloween. He also talks about his company, how he finds clients, AI and art, and his upcoming work with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute. Listen now!

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