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Top 5 Under $100 – Final Cut Pro X Plug-ins

top 5 FCP plug-ins

Toolfarm carries lots of Final Cut Pro X plug-ins for $99 or less! You can get handy 3rd party tools without hurting your budget. Here are the top 5 best selling/most popular FCPX plug-ins for less than $100!  Well, we are actually going to show you a few more than the top 5, as Coremelt has 3 products tied for the top spot.  So we thought we would show you a few others that are a close 6, 7, and 8.

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paint xPaintX

Powered by Mocha, PaintX is a unique, fast, and powerful tool for quick fix-ups of all kinds during the finishing of your edit.

Remove blemishes in the skin, paint out unwanted objects such as power lines or antennas, apply digital makeup, or repair damaged video. In all cases, it’s as easy as drawing a stroke then hitting one button to use the powerful Academy Award-winning mocha tracker to have the paint stroke follow the movement in your video.

MSRP: $99.00 Toolfarm Price: $94.05

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lut xLUTX Feature Looks Collection

Powerful LUT management tool for FCP X with Feature Color Looks

The Feature Looks LUT collection for LUTx is a set of 40 Feature Film looks designed by experienced film colorist Shane Bartley. These looks are inspired by recent blockbuster and indie film hits from the last 20 years, and range from dramatic stylized looks to subtle manipulations of blacks.

MSRP: $29.00 Toolfarm Price: $27.55

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lock and load xLock & Load X

Faster Analysis, Better Results, More Powerful

Lock & Load is the fastest and most robust stabilizer for FCP X, Premiere Pro and After Effects (Mac Only).  Lock & Load is up to 4x faster than the built in stabilizer in FCP X and includes specific rolling shutter camera presets for most 4K and modern cameras. With optimised workflow for 4K in FCP X, Lock and Load will use both GPU on a Mac Pro system.

MSRP: $99.00 Toolfarm Price: $94.05

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Sheffield Softworks

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AI Depth Map Keyper

Isolate people from backgrounds

Keyper uses Machine Learning to extract people from their backgrounds without requiring greenscreen or prepared backdrops.

Keyper is not a replacement for traditional green screens used in special effects shots, rather it allows the user to apply filters and effects separately to the people or the backgrounds to create unique and engaging effects such as 3D still photos and the parallax effect.

MSRP: $99.00  Toolfarm Price: $94.05

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Digital Anarchy

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Digital Anarchy Light Wrap FantasticLight Wrap Fantastic

Fantastic green screen compositing

Light Wrap is an inexpensive standalone plugin that assists with green/blue screen compositing. The plugin makes it easier to blend foreground and background elements by simulating the light that should come from the background. It’s available for Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Apple’s Final Cut Pro.

MSRP: $79.00

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Top 5 FCPX Plug-ins $99 or less – Runners Up


Lines FxFactory Lines

Easy to use, animated lines and arrow callouts

Lines 2 offers easy-to-use, customized, animated lines and arrows. The new hand-drawn styles support Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Motion, in addition to Final Cut Pro.

Use lines as call-outs, to emphasize details or to add style. The custom line templates in Final Cut Pro have unique animated multi-point paths to bring visual interest to your videos. With presets available in Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, Motion & After Effects it’s quick and easy to enhance your videos with Lines.

MSRP: $19.00  Toolfarm Price: $18.05

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osmFCPX AddMotion

Animate stills, graphics and text without keyframes.

Enhance your text, graphics, and media effortlessly with osmFCPX AddMotion. Move, pop, & swing your elements to create subtle or dynamic looks that are uniquely your own. Without leaving Final Cut. Without keyframes. Without headaches.

MSRP: $49.00  Toolfarm Price: $46.55

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color remaptimeinpixels Nobe Color Remap Lite

The control you need. The color you want.

Insanely easy hue, saturation, and luminosity remapping right in DaVinci Resolve, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro X, and Photoshop!

Nobe Color Remap simplifies the post-production process without sacrificing quality. Experience cleaner, more precise results, and fewer headaches along the way.

• Streamlined performance – Turn your film into a work of art using a streamlined post-production process that cuts out unnecessary steps.
• Perfect color – Take color further with 32-bit floating-point precision that accounts for the color in every pixel.
• Fully integrated – The external monitor lets you see instant previews of your work using DaVinci Resolve software. Available in Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, Photoshop, and Final Cut Pro X.

Lite features:

  • Modal window view,
  • Hue grid (circular and rectangular grid),
  • Luma Grid,
  • OpenCL & CUDA GPU acceleration,
  • 2 different color spaces (HSP & HSV),
  • Smooth saturation mode,
  • Color distribution graph,
  • Color picker,
  • Basic grid operations:
  • Saturation slider,
  • Contrast slider,
  • Smooth option.

MSRP: $98.00  Toolfarm Price: $93.10

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