Update: Pomfort Live Grade Studio & Pro to v5.2

Update: Pomfort Live Grade Studio & Pro to v5.2

Livegrade Studio and Pro v5.2 come with great new features, such as New Curves and Grading Controls, to make your daily tasks even faster and more precise.

Some highlights of Livegrade Studio 5.2

  • New Curves and Grading Controls: Custom color curves, RGB curves, amount sliders
  • Smart Groups for Library Management: Organize shots with automatic metadata outline
  • ShotHub Cloud Integration: Upload and exchange your looks with Pomfort ShotHub
  • Stream Deck Plugin: Map and trigger Livegrade actions from your Stream Deck devices

To see a comprehensive list of all of the new features and changes in Live Grade Studio 5.2 view the Updates tab on the Live Grade Studio product page.

Pomfort Livegrade StudioPomfort Livegrade Studio

Passionately Advancing The State of the Art.

In productions with multi-camera setups, the challenges of monitoring and interacting with multiple live signals are pervasive for the camera department. In particular, live feeds and corresponding looks need to be monitored, matched, recorded and switched instantly.

Livegrade Studio is at the heart of your multi-camera setup. The software gives you advanced instruments to react quickly to immediate requests and changing situations and to keep up with the fast-paced production environment on set.

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Pomfort Livegrade ProPomfort Livegrade Pro

The Reference for Professional Look Creation

Pomfort Livegrade Pro is the standard software for look management on set and beyond. Its complete scalability and superior integration with various camera workflows and setups have made it an integral part of TV, commercial and cinema productions. Around the globe DITs and DOPs rely on LiveGrade Pro to simplify their creative workflow and enhance on-set collaboration.

Discover the leading software solution that integrates and controls your digital imaging system on set. To explain, it enables immediate visualization and sharing of the DP’s and Director’s artistic intent.

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki