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Mohsen Moradi, VFX | 3D Artist #midweekmotivations

Mohsen Moradi, VFX | 3D Artist

VFX/3D artist Mohsen Moradi created some surreal and action-packed VFX involving trains, planes, and automobiles. According to the description on one of the videos, he uses Autodesk 3ds Max and V-Ray for 3ds Max. It’s incredible work! Check it out!

In addition to the videos below, you can check out his incredible work on Instagram and YouTube.

An exciting dream | 4 | Collapse

An exciting dream 3 “Super Position”

An exciting dream | Chapter 2 | Entanglement

An exciting dream

This was the original.

Autodesk 3ds MaxAutodesk 3ds Max

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In Depth: Why Should I Use V-Ray?

In Depth: Why Should I Use V-Ray?

In summary, V-Ray is a powerful 3D rendering system, built for designers, architects, and jack-of-all-trades. To be sure, click to learn about how artists use V-Ray. To emphasize, there are many examples and trial versions for every field!

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