Midweek Motivations: Sophie Villy – Another Existence. Updated!

a Still from Sophie Villy Music video directed by Jean-Marie Marbach

We’ve featured the work of director Jean-Marie Marbach before and his work is always colorful and inspirational. This music video for artist Sophie Villy is no exception. The video for the song Another Existence features particle animations created with Superluminal Stardust in Adobe After Effects. Jean-Marie explains, “The city lights in the wide shots were also created with particles. It was my first production with Stardust.”

This post has been updated to include a new Before/After VFX video. To see it, scroll down.

This is Jean-Marie’s first music video since winning the Best In Show award at Siggraph Asia 2018 in Tokyo. That video, for “L’oiseau qui danse” is below.

Sophie Villy – Another Existence

New Another Existence | Before / After VFX

This video is new this week. It gives you a great look at how the particles were composited to achieve the beautiful bokeh effects.

More from Jean-Marie Marbach

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Cirina Catania interviews Jean-Marie Marbach, a French Director, and VFX Supervisor. He talks about his music video for MODULAR’s “Fiebre en la Disco” and how he incorporated Trapcode MIR into the project.

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