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Toolfarm Awards 2022: Favorite Roto and Tracking Tool

Toolfarm Awards 2022 roto and tracking

Adobe After Effects, took the top spot in the 2022 Toolfarm Awards in the category of Favorite Roto and Tracking Tool. After Effects took over 41% of the vote, while Boris FX Mocha Pro came in with about 35% in a close second.

Why did After Effects win the Favorite Roto and Tracking Tool?

After Effects is a powerful tool often used in rotoscoping and motion tracking, among other things. Rotoscoping involves tracing over footage frame by frame to create a mask or silhouette, while motion tracking involves tracking the movement of objects in a scene. VFX artists commonly use these techniques in film and television post-production to create special effects, such as removing objects from a scene or adding visual elements that match the movement of the camera. With After Effects, artists can create stunning visual effects with precision and ease using tools like Roto Brush and Refine Matte tools and the Motion Tracker.

Kondo Yikinao was the winner of our $250 prize drawing. We asked Kondo to comment on a winning tool.

“Adobe After Effects is very nice. It gives me the freedom to realize my image. A fledgling creator like myself is slow compared to seasoned professionals. My work speed is slow. Many innovative plug-ins make up for it! They help me to easily create works with a high degree of perfection. I’m trying to create my business as quickly as possible. I will make every effort to master the many innovative tools.”

— kondo yukinao

Brent Willet was the winner of the t-shirt drawing. He also commented on After Effects.

“I am a motion graphic designer and Adobe After Effects is my go-to workhorse program. I’ve used many 3rd party plugins over the years and while some of those are still my regular favorites, I have found for certain tasks such as keying and motion tracking, I quite often get the best results with the built-in options. Keylight, especially in conjunction with the Key Cleaner and Advanced Spill Suppressor effects, gets a good, clean key almost all of the time.”

— Brent Willett, Motion Designer

Previous Winners: Favorite Roto & Tracking Tool

2021 winner: Adobe Creative Cloud
2020 winner: Boris FX Mocha Pro
2019 winner: Boris FX Mocha Pro

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