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Power to the artists

Substance Painter gives you all the tools you need to texture your 3D assets.


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What You See Is What You Get

The PBR real-time viewport lets you work on asset look development.

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Create in Substance Painter and get real-time feedback in UE4 and Unity thanks to the live link.

Substance Painter Renderers

Augmented Artistry

Unleash your creativity with powerful tools and a non-destructive workflow.

Smart Materials

Tear and wear, scratches and dust instantly appear where they're supposed to.

Smart Masks

Apply the same mask preset on any type of object and have it adapt automatically.

Integrated 8K Bakers

Baking is where it all starts. Bake high-quality maps in an instant directly within Substance Painter.

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From Texturing to Rendering, all in Substance Painter

Bring VFX to the Top

Support for Linux, 8K export, color management, UDIM management and Scripting API make integrating Substance Painter into VFX workflows easier than ever.

  • Scripting
  • 8K export
  • UDIM import
  • Available for Linux

Open to the world

Get 1:1 engine exports and share directly to portfolio sites with dedicated formats.

  • Substance Share
  • Artstation
  • Sketchfab

substance designer supported game engines


Here are just a few of the accolades Substance Painter has received from industry leaders:

Polycount Greentooth Awards
2017 Winner
Exceptional Software and Exceptional Polycounters

Develop Awards
2016 Finalist
Best Design & Creativity Tool

CG Awards
2014 Winner
Best New Application

3D Artist
4.5/5 stars
“Allegorithmic’s newest release offers several tools to help you create stunning, industry-standard texture art.”

For what's new in v2019.1, check out the Details tab.

What's new in Substance Painter 2019.1?

Displacement and Tessellation

Some of you may remember us showing a hacky prototype of this a few years ago at a Substance Day event. Well it is finally here, for real.

You can now enjoy tessellation and displacement in both the viewport and Iray. Import a displacement map and marvel at the newly detailed silhouettes, or paint in your height channel to literally sculpt your asset in real time.

substance painter displacement

Compare Mask Effect

Displacement is great, but how about a way to blend and layer materials easily using their height data? The new Compare Mask effect does this and more.

This new mask effect allows you to blend by comparing the content of the current layer with the one from the layer stack underneath, similar to the Blend-if function in Photoshop. Combine it with the updated Seamless Material sample project to create tileable environment materials rapidly.

The Compare Mask is useful for creating quick height blends - but not just for this! It also works with any other channel in your texture set.

Dynamic Strokes

This one is a doozy. Dynamic Strokes introduces a way to generate procedural brush strokes based on Substance parameters. Your brush can evolve over time, swap its alpha at random or even generate a whole new material with each stamp.

The way this works is that any Substance file can be used as a material or alpha when painting and becomes aware of each stamp being drawn, and can react accordingly.

A simple example could be a grungy alpha that generates a unique shape with each new stamp, making each stroke totally unique.

The brushes can also be time-sensitive, fading out, changing color, morphing, or doing any kind of crazy thing based on how much time has passed since you started painting.

With a bit of creativity, a touch of Substance Designer, and a lot of fun, you can do something like this:

substance painter dynamic strokes

You can even go further and combine all these functions into one, and come up with something like this Ivy generator, which spawns unique branches along the stroke path, branches alternate sides, and each successive branch becomes smaller than the previous one based on the speed of the stroke. Black magic right there.

This new version of Substance Painter ships with a set of new tools taking advantage of dynamic strokes, and you can check out the documentation to create your own in Substance Designer. There's also a tutorial by our very own Wes McDermott, right here! We can’t wait to see what crazy behavior you’ll come up with!

New Projection Modes

Until now, Substance Painter has given you a choice between a good old UV projection and a Triplanar projection for Fill layers. Two new projection modes have just been added, and more are on the way.

You can now choose between a Spherical and Planar projection for your layer. With the Planar projection, your Fill layer will then act as a decal and several options allow you to play with tiling, as well as with how far the decal affects the geometry.

A new placement gizmo makes it super-easy to move the decal around your asset: simply drag it around and it will snap to the surface of your mesh automatically.

The planar projection comes with culling settings to fade properly with the geometry.

The spherical projection proves useful to add specific patterns in some complicated setups:

substance painter projection

Radial Symmetry

The Symmetry tool has been improved with a brand new Radial option. Special shoutout to all of you spirograph fans out there.

Layer Stack and Other UX Improvements

A release of Substance Painter is never complete without some UI tweaks, and this time the Layer Stack, Texture Set list and Channels list went through the hands of the UX team.

You may notice loads of eyes looking at you from the depths of the layer stack. These are migrating from Photoshop to Substance Painter in the first of a series of efforts to close the gap between both tools and unify the user experience. You will see more meaningful and interesting synergies as we move forward.

The Texture Set list has also received a little makeover and you may notice that you can now select multiple Texture Sets at once. Why, you may ask? Go to the Texture Set Settings window to find out why… Yes! You can now change the settings of multiple Texture Sets at once, allowing artists who work with UV Tiles to lose a little less hair each day.

Finally, but may I say most importantly, the Channels list in the Properties window has been updated with a small but undoubtedly welcome addition: clicking on a channel with the Alt key pressed will single out this channel; doing it again will reactivate all the other channels. You’re welcome!

Dithering Override

Dithering of exported normal maps was introduced late last year and a lot of you asked for an option to override it, so here it is.

New Content

Finally, on top of the new Dynamic Strokes Tools, you will find a series of new effects, alphas and filters. You can find a full list of new assets on the Updates tab.



License Comparison

Substance Painter is available in Indie or Pro license: both licenses are full-featured, the only difference comes from a revenue limit.

  Pro License Indie License
Full Features Yes Yes
On how many computers can I install Substance Designer with 1 license? As many as you want (PC and Mac).
But you can launch the software on only 1 computer at a time.
As many as you want (PC and Mac).
But you can launch the software on only 1 computer at a time.
Can I work on commercial projects? Yes Yes, if your company/entity makes less than $100K per year in revenue.
Can I use Substance software on a project as a freelancer? Yes Yes, if your company/entity makes less than $100K per year in revenue.
Can I resell assets (including substances) created with your software? Yes Yes, if your company/entity makes less than $100K per year in revenue.
How many version upgrades will I get when I purchase one of your software? All the minor upgrades versions (.x) are for free. All the minor upgrades versions (.x) are for free.
Can I upgrade from my version to the new version, when the new one is released? Yes, you can upgrade for a fair price depending on each product. You don't need to buy a full new license. Yes, you can upgrade for a fair price depending on each product. You don't need to buy a full new license.
Can I get a Steam key if I purchase 1 license on your website? Yes, contact us to get it. Yes, contact us to get it.
Can I upgrade/downgrade to another license? Yes, go to the Upgrade page to do it

Yes, go to the Upgrade page to do it


OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 - (64 bit)
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: VRAM 2GB
DirectX: Version 11
Resolution: 1280px width (≥ 1 Mega Pixels)

OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 - (64 bit)
Memory: 16 GB RAM
Graphics: VRAM 4GB
DirectX: Version 11
Resolution: 1920x1080px

Mac OS X

OS: 10.11 (El Capitan)
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: VRAM 2GB
Resolution: 1280px width (≥ 1 Mega Pixels)

OS: 10.12 (Sierra) or above
Memory: 16 GB RAM
Graphics: VRAM 4GB


OS: CentOS 6.6 - For Steam only: Ubuntu 16.04
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: VRAM 2GB
Resolution: 1280px width (≥ 1 Mega Pixels)

OS: CentOS 6.6 - For Steam only: Ubuntu 16.04
Memory: 16 GB RAM
Graphics: VRAM 4GB
Resolution: 1920x1080px

Supported GPUs

  • Intel HD 5000 / IRis Pro 6200 and above
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 600 and above
  • NVIDIA Quadro K2000 and above
  • AMD Radeon HD 7000 and above
  • AMD Radeon Pro WX-series / Pro Duo and above
  • AMD FirePro W-series / FirePro S-series and above


  • Integrated GPUs are not recommended
  • Mac : Only official Apple configurations (OSX, default GPU and Apple drivers) are supported
  • Mac : Nvidia Iray renderer requires CUDA drivers to use the GPU
  • Linux : Mesa drivers on Linux are not supported

2019.1 - Release date: 2019/04/23

What's new

Dynamic Strokes

With this release our brush engine now supports what we call Dynamic Strokes. These type of strokes create variations and new effects thanks to the generation of new Substance versions on the fly. Having a new Substance material or alpha for each new brush stroke painted on your asset is now possible. 

When a Dynamic Stroke compatible resource is loaded in your Paint tool (Paint, Eraser, Smudge or Clone) a new parameter group will appear :

Dynamic Strokes supports the following properties (if exposed in the Substance graph) :

  • Stamp Index : ID / Number of a stamp inside a stroke. 
  • Random Seed : Can change per stamp or per stroke.
  • Time : Elapsed painting time of a brush stroke, painting fast or slower produce different results.

The Stamp Index comes with two other parameters :

  • Stamp Start : From Beginning (always start the index from 0) or From Random Index (choose a random position between 0 and the maximum defined by Stamp Cycle Count).
  • Stamp Cycle Count : This parameter defines the total amount of Substance variations that will be generated. In order to optimize performances this parameter works as a limit. Substance Painter use it to recycle what has already been generated instead of creating something new.

You can find resources compatible with this new feature simply by browsing the shelf and looking at the new icons which are now sitting next to them :

Resources compatible with the feature also get automatically a new tag named "dynamicstroke" to make them easy to filter by keywords in the Shelf.

We also added a lot of new tool presets to play with.

Displacement And Tesselation

Substance Painter now supports Displacement and mesh Tesselation in both its realtime viewport and in Iray. They can both be controlled in the Shader Settings window below the shader parameters.

  • Source Channel : Channel from which the mesh deformation is based on. Default is Height but can be set to Displacement as well.
  • Scale : Controls the amount of deformation applied to the mesh in the project.
  • Subdivision Mode : Uniform or Edge Length. Determines how the amount of subdivision is computed.
  • Subdivision Count : (Mode Uniform) From 1 to 32. A high value produce more polygons which gives more details but can introduce performance issues.
  • Max Length : (Mode Edge Length) 1 / Value. Every polygon edge is divided until each segment is equal to or shorter than this number, 1/1 being the size of the scene.

Load the "Tiling Material" sample project (via File > Load Sample) to quickly give a try at this new feature.

NOTE: A new filter named "Height To Normal" has been added in the Shelf and can be used to get the final normal map (in case the native conversion by Substance Painter is not strong enough).

Compare Mask Effect

Creating and blending materials can be a bit tough sometimes which is why we created a new effect named "Compare Mask". This effect allows to quickly and easily compare two channels and produce a mask as a result.

The Compare Mask effect has the following properties :

  • Channel : The channel to compare between the source and the target to create a mask from.
  • Compare : Three parameters are available here to chose how the mask should be computed. The dropdown in the middle define the comparison operation (lesser than, within tolerance, greater than).
  • Constant : Value to compare against when the compare setting is set to "constant".
  • Hardness : Control the smoothness/hardness of the resulting mask comparison.
  • Histogram : Provide an histogram view of the source and the target. Useful to know if they overlap a bit or not at all (if they don't overlap the mask will be empty).

To make things even more easier to setup, you can right-click on a layer and choose the shortcut "Add mask with height combination" to quickly add this new mask on your layer. This shortcut will also switch your Height channel blending mode to "Normal" instead of the default "Linear Dodge (Add)".

Radial Symmetry

We expanded the capabilities of our symmetry tool to handle radial symmetry. There is now a new mode in the symmetry settings menu to enable it (available in the contextual toolbar).

The following settings are available :

  • X / Y / Z : Controls the direction of the symmetry axis used by the radial symmetry.
  • Count : The number of duplicated points.
  • Angle Span : The location of the duplicated points from the original one. This setting can be used to make a full circle or a quarter of it, etc.

We also added a little preview to make it easier to tweak the settings before starting to paint.

New Fill Layer Projection Modes

Two new projection modes have been added with fill layers and fill effects : Planar and Spherical. We also added a lot of new parameters to control further the behaviors of the 3D projections.

  • New Planar Projection mode - Projecting a plane is now possible with this new mode. It can be useful for creating stripes on vehicles or placing decals at a specific location.
  • Surface Tool for Planar Projection - To make the planar projection easy to manipulate we also added a new control for the 3D Manipulator that we call Surface Tool which can be accessed with the shortcut "Shift+W". It can also be accessed from the Contextual Toolbar. Note that this new mode is only available with the Planar Projection.
  • Planar Projection Culling / Fading - Multiple settings are available to make the planar projection either continuous or finite. When a culling setting is enabled, the doted box around the manipulator indicates the bounding box for the projection and the middle line is where the projection starts. Scaling the projection allows to control how far it goes and when it starts to fade.
  • New Spherical projection mode - Spherical projections are now doable with this new mode. With it you can achieve advanced patterns or follow more easily curved surfaces.
  • New Shape Crop settings - 3D projections now have a setting that controls the repetition of the projection. Very useful for example for a decal to repeat only on a specific area without having to mask it manually.
  • Moved and Renamed existing settings - Because of these new projections we reworked a bit how some settings work. For example "Tiling" has been renamed has "UV Wrap". The tiling now can be set only vertically or horizontally. The Scale, Rotation and Offset are now part of a new parameter group named "UV Transformations" to be more consistent across projection modes.
  • Improved Rotation Manipulator all-axis mode - Instead of drawing an explicit sphere, it is now hidden to avoid hiding the texturing below. Clicking in-between the axes will select the sphere which allows to rotate all the axes at once.

Various Improvements

  • Multi-Selection for Texture Set  - Selecting multiple Texture Sets to change their resolution all at once via the Texture Set settings is now possible.  In multi-selection mode there is still the notion of a "main" Texture Set, which is why additional elements are selected in gray. If you need to switch to a different Texture Set while keeping the current selection, you can use the middle mouse button to do that.
  • Quick show/hide in Texture Set List  - You can now click and drag (like in the layer stack) to hide or show Texture Sets.
  • Improved UI for Layer Stack - We changed the icon for the hidden/show state of a layer to be more consistent and easier to understand. We also changed the way selected layers are displayed to be easier to compare with the selection of their effects and other layers.
  • New effect position based on current selection - Any new effect added on a layer will now be put just above the currently selected one.
  • Quick toggle of Material channel buttons - You can now press ALT and click on a channel button to isolate it. Clicking again will enable back all the channels.
  • Dithering at export  - Dithering can now be disabled via a dedicated setting in the export window next to the file format and bit depth. For more information about how and when dithering is applied see the export documentation.
  • Better Histograms - We reworked our histogram generator. Histograms should now display more accurate information and update properly after a change in the layer stack.
  • Better Instancing of layers - Instanced layers now have their blending mode set to "Pass Through" instead of the default blending mode. This blending mode will improve the compatibility of some effects when layers are instanced across Texture Sets.

New Content

In this release we also added a lot of new content : from presets to alphas and even new powerful filters.

  • New Brush and Tool Presets - This release introduces the new Dynamic Strokes feature and with it we added some Brush and Tool presets ready to use.
    • 10 new Brush presets :
      • Ink Dirty
      • Ink Random
      • Leaf Curved Heavy
      • Leaf Curved
      • Leaf Messy
      • Leaf Simple
      • Leaf Swirl
      • Zigzag Long
      • Zigzag Short
      • Zigzag Step
    • 11 new Tool presets :
      • Autumn Leaves
      • Cracks
      • Footprints
      • Gradient Hue
      • Nail
      • Pebbles
      • Scratches
      • Spray Colored
      • Spray Skin Light
      • Spray Skin Red
      • Zipper
  • 93 new Alphas - There are too many to enumerate them all, so take a look at the "Alphas" section of the Shelf and you will see lots of new Arrows, Triangles, Signs and other kind of shapes.
  • 13 new Filters - We have many new filters in this new version which can be very handy for a lost of situations :
    • Blur Slope : A new blur filter has been added to the family. This filter works in a similar way to the warp filter : use the existing input or a custom one to blur the target channel.
    • Bevel : Creates a gradient border around a shape, useful if you want to expand your mask for example.
    • Color Match : This filter tries to match a Source color to a Target color. Handy for adjusting colors on a material.
    • Gradient Curve : This filter provides a list of curve presets that can be applied on any grayscale input to change their look.
    • Gradient Dynamic : Remaps a grayscale input by a new input image (grayscale or color).
    • Height Adjust : This filter provides two settings to easily manipulate the height channel : Offset and Multiply.
    • Height to Normal : This filter converts the Height channel into a Normal and feeds it to the Normal channel. It has different intensity controls depending of the needs.
    • Mask Outline : This filter creates a white on black border around a grayscale input. This is most useful in Mask to create borders around shapes.
    • PBR Validate : We added this filter to check that your PBR material colors are in the right ranges. For more information check out the PBR Guide !
    • MatFX Peeling Paint : Simulates old paint starting to peel. This filter outputs alpha which makes it easy to blend with materials below it.
    • MatFx Water Drops : Simulates water drops on the surface of an object. Like water on a car after the rain.
  • 7 new Generators -With this release we added a few new generators :
    • Ambient Occlusion : Mask Generator that offers controls over the Ambient Occlusion Mesh map. Based on the Mask Editor.
    • World Space Normals : Mask Generator that offers controls over the World Space Normals Mesh map. Based on the Mask Editor.
    • Position : Mask Generator that offers controls over the Position Mesh map. Based on the Mask Editor.
    • Curvature : Mask Generator that offers controls over the Curvature Mesh map. Based on the Mask Editor.
    • Auto Stitcher : Mask Generator that creates stitches near the UV borders, the Mesh Curvature or around a custom mask input.
    • UV Texel Density : Helper that outputs a colored gradient based on the Texel Density of the polygons of the mesh.
    • UV Random Color : Generate a random color per UV Island (or based on a custom gradient input).

NOTE: The Mask Editor has been updated and is not compatible with its previous versions.  It means that if you use the Resource Updater in your project to switch to the latest version it will breaks your tweaks and reset them to default.

  • 2 new environment maps
    • Autumn Forest
    • Canopus Ground
  • 5 new Procedurals
    • Gradient Hue
    • Gradient Builder
    • Color Jitter By Index
    • Color Jitter By Seed
    • Feather Stylized


2018.3.2 - Release date: 2019/01/24


  • Summary: hotfix with some new features
  • [Export] Allow export to USDZ
  • [Viewport] Allow to control the texture quality in the Display Settings
  • [Viewport] Added mip bias setting in Display Settings
  • [Viewport] Added anisotropic filtering in Display Settings
  • [plugins] Update official plugins to use the style of Substance Painter 2018
  • [License] Install license by default in a user folder


  • Crash linked to decompression
  • Add TAA on solo material
  • Noise with shadow, TAA and alpha test shader with dithering
  • Remove specular dithering for all classic PBR shaders
  • Crash in the shader settings in some cases
  • Scattering activation is not synchronized between OpenGL and Iray renders
  • Smudge and clone tools do not work anymore on specific meshes
  • Some texture sets can not appear in Iray render
  • Renamed Texture Sets are not saved after closing project
  • Wireframe artefacts when drag and dropping materials on ID maps
  • [Scripting] File path creation not forced when saving a project
  • [Scripting] Callback “onProjectAboutToSave()” doesn’t work anymore
  • Forum links broken in report bug window

Known Issues:

  • Computation freeze in some cases on AMD VEGA GPUs
  • Huion tablet issue with shortcuts on Windows OS

2018.3.0 Release date: 2018/11/20

Summary: a huge boost in performance, viewport upgrades, proper 2D view export, new UI helpers, an enhanced symmetry tool and new content


  • [SVT][Engine] Sparse Virtual Textures (SVT)
  • [SVT][Preferences][UI] SVT hardware support acceleration option
  • [SVT][Log] Additional information for Sparse Virtual Texturing feature (e.g. size disk)
  • [SVT][UI] Message window at start if size on disk too low for the cache
  • [SVT][Preferences][UI] Substance Painter global cache location
  • [SVT] New environment variable to specify the path of the cache of Substance Painter
  • [SVT] New environment variable to activate the SVT hardware support acceleration
  • [SVT] Detect sparse support by hardware
  • [SVT][Hardware Sparse] Raise minimum driver version for Nvidia GPU
  • [SVT][Shader][[Viewport][UI] Warn user if artefacts present with Sparse Virtual Texturing at project opening
  • [Anti-aliasing][Viewport] New temporal anti-aliasing filtering for 3D viewport (via Display Settings)
  • [Export] Export the content of the 2D viewport as a single texture
  • [Export][Dithering] Expose dithering at export
  • [Layer stack] Colors on layers and folders
  • [Layer stack] Quick activation and deactivation of multiple layers and effects
  • [Layer stack] Easier navigation for blending modes with up down keys and mouse scroll
  • [Proj][UI] Additional rotation manipulator on all three axis for triplanar
  • [Proj][Shorcuts] - and + to change the UV projection manipulator size
  • [Shader] Control coated layer parameters with channels in the PBR-coated shader
  • [Substance] Expose new mesh-based texture inputs for filters and generators
  • [Symmetry][Viewport][UI] Control symmetry offset with manipulators
  • [Symmetry][Contextual toolbar][UI] New symmetry panel with options
  • [Symmetry] New symmetry line intersection mode
  • [Symmetry] New symmetry clone cursor
  • [Symmetry][Shortcuts] Q to hide and -, + to change size and shift to snap
  • [Log] Improve error messages when unable to export textures
  • [Scripting] Allow to change or update the resources in Display Settings
  • [Scripting] Allow to create or remove channels in Texture Sets
  • [Content][Shaders] Add support for anisotropy with a dedicated shader (pbr-metal-rough-anisotropy-angle)
  • [Content] Update of the preview sphere with anisotropy and modified angle
  • [Content] Updated matFx shutline
  • [Content] New Texturing.XYZ seamless face scan
  • [Content] New anisotropic procedurals
  • [Content] New filter: baked lighting stylized
  • [Content] New environment map: studio automotive neutral
  • [Content] New project template: PBR - metallic roughness Anisotropy angle (with anisotropy channels)
  • [Content] New project template: PBR - metallic roughness Coated


  • [Color Picker] Painting cursor appearing when trying to pick a color
  • Crash by Selecting or Unselecting layers in a specific order can lead to crash
  • Crash when pasting as an instance a layer with a mask
  • [User Channel][Regression] Crash when renaming user channel
  • [User Channel] Grayed brush preview
  • [Alembic] Only one texture set from several materials after import
  • [Engine] Exported texture differs from viewport for brush stamps
  • [Engine] Invert with a level effect does not fully affect a texture
  • [Material picker is applying a brush stroke while picking
  • Switching resolution to 128x128px leads to a crash
  • Mesh map links are not updated properly when rebaking or instancing layers
  • [Substance] UserData ColorSpace does not work on Baked Mesh Normal requested as input
  • MDL association mismatch when using multiple shaders instances
  • [Symmetry][Fill Layer] Symmetry plane and its manipulator active in Fill Layer
  • [Viewport] Pivot point for translation not always updated after clicking
  • [UI] Fixed icons and removal of placeholders for HDPI monitors

2018.2.2 - Release date: 2018/09/11


  • Summary: Hotfix with the content update, new scripting functionalities and being able to disable the auto update
  • [Content][Shelf] Add a Skin shelf preset
  • [Content][shelf] Conversion of 19 skin normals into materials for subsurface scattering
  • [Scripting] Create a project template from an open project
  • [Scripting] Get/Set export settings of an opened project
  • [Updates] Be able to disable the auto-update pop-up from settings and environment variable
  • [Updates] Have a not display until next version on the maintenance outdated pop-up


  • [Camera] Wrong zoom by switching from orthographic to perspective
  • [Display] Some maps are displayed in linear instead of sRGB
  • [Viewports] Mesh focus does not behave properly
  • [2D View] Project with a broken camera has disappearing UVs Shells
  • [SSS][Tooltip] subsurface scattering tooltips appear in the log
  • Some projects cannot be opened in 2018.2 and error message can't save a null substance package
  • [Mask] Paint tool color can be stuck in some cases when working in a mask
  • [Material] Maps not appearing in specific situations
  • [Proj][Tools] Manipulator active with a generator
  • [Substance] Missing Substance groups of parameters
  • [Scripting] Incorrect software name in documentation
  • [UDIMs] No information in the log about UVs shells on multiple UVs tiles

Known Issues:

  • Computation freeze on AMD VEGA GPUs
  • Huion tablet issue with shortcuts on Windows OS

2018.2.1 Release date: 2018/08/03

  • Fixed: Missing subsurface scattering shader parameters from upgrading projects

Known Issues:

  • Computation freeze on AMD VEGA GPUs
  • Huion tablet issue with shortcuts on Windows OS

2018.2 (Summer Release) - Release Date: 2018/08/02


  • Summary: Summer release, subsurface scattering Support, projection and fill improvements, camera import and selection, Alembic/glTF support, drag and drop on ID map, improved Substance format support and new content
  • [SSS][Viewport][Iray] Generic subsurface scattering
  • [SSS] Sync MDL and subsurface scattering parameters
  • [SSS] Added a new grayscale channel named "Scattering"
  • [SSS][Shader Settings] Scattering type parameter for subsurface scattering (skin or translucent)
  • [SSS][Shader Settings] Scattering scale parameter for subsurface scattering
  • [SSS][Shader Settings] Scattering color parameter for subsurface scattering
  • [SSS][Display Settings] Scattering Sample count for subsurface scattering
  • [Shader][Iray] Integrate subsurface scattering MDL for Iray
  • [Shader] Shader update via the resource updater
  • [Shader] Update change log API and documentation
  • [Tool Properties][Proj] New parameters for the triplanar projection
  • [Viewport][Proj] Control Fill Layer properties in 3D view directly with manipulators (triplanar projection)
  • [Shortcuts][Proj] New shortcuts Q, W, E, R, T for triplanar projection manipulators
  • [Viewport][Proj] Control Fill Layer properties in 2D view directly with manipulators (UV projection)
  • [Shortcuts][Proj] New shortcut Q for UV projection manipulators
  • [Contextual Toolbar][Proj] Control triplanar projection manipulators
  • [Contextual Toolbar][Proj] Control UV projection manipulators
  • [Tool Properties] Disable texture tiling with projection and Stencil tool
  • [Stencil] Use non-squared images with the projection tool/stencil
  • [Stencil] Allow control of tiling mode in Properties window
  • [Stencil] Zoom is not centered on a non-tiling stencil
  • [Cameras] Import cameras from Maya, Max, Blender, Modo, DAE
  • [Cameras][Viewport] Select and control imported cameras in viewport
  • [Cameras][Iray] Select and control imported cameras in Iray
  • [Cameras][UI][New project][Project configuration] "Import cameras" is checked by default
  • [Cameras][Shortcuts] Add shortcuts "<" and ">" to switch between cameras
  • [Cameras][Viewport] Add frame in viewport
  • [Cameras][Viewport Settings] Control of frame opacity
  • [Cameras][Camera Settings] Maximum focal length at 500mm
  • [Cameras][Camera Settings] Expose ratio
  • [Cameras][Camera Settings] Add a lock option
  • [Cameras][Camera Settings] Add a restore option
  • [Cameras][Camera Settings] Add focus distance attribute
  • [glTF] Import of a glTF file
  • [glTF] Import ambient occlusion map
  • [Alembic] Import Alembic 1 frame with static geometry
  • [Shelf] Drag and drop materials directly onto the mesh using ID maps with a modifier (CTRL/Command)
  • [Layer Stack] Automatic ID mask creation with drag and drop of materials on mesh with ID maps
  • [Layer Stack] Automatic scroll of layers with drag and drop across the layer stack
  • [UI][Tool Properties] Expose Substance's preset
  • [UI][Help menu] Improvement of the Help menu
  • [UI][New Project][Project Configuration] Reorganization of the window
  • [UI][New Project][Project Configuration] Replace "Mesh" term by "File"
  • [UI][Substance] Display Substance attributes in UI
  • [Shortcuts] "F4" switches between 2D and 3D view
  • [Shortcuts] New shortcuts for toggle stencil "N" and quick mask "U"
  • [Substance integration] Take into account 'visible if' statements in the Substance parameters
  • [Viewport] Shadows not forced to be computed after camera move
  • [Content] Update MeetMat with imported cameras
  • [Content] Add a sample with subsurface scattering enabled - JadeToad
  • [Content] Add a new PBR project template with subsurface scattering enabled
  • [Content] Updated export presets to add new Scattering channel
  • [Content][Shelf] Added subsurface scattering support for: pbr-metal-rough, pbr-metal-rough-alpha-test, pbr-coated, pbr-spec-gloss
  • [Content][Shelf] Added Scattering channel to 5 smart materials (marbles and skins)
  • [Content][Shelf] 1 new jade Material
  • [Content][Shelf] 1 new wax Material


  • [CMD] Different results using the same command line with different versions
  • [TDR] If TdrLevel is set up you don't have any errors in your log
  • [Baker] Ambient occlusion map is flipped
  • [ID Map] Crashing when picking outside of 0-1 range
  • [Iray] Crash when switching texture sets and going back to Paint mode
  • [Viewport] Sync drop areas between viewports for drag and drop
  • [Engine] Moire artifact when tiling fill layers or painting small brush
  • [License] License service bad software version check
  • [License] Rework the way we handle authentication
  • [API] Call the `onNewProjectCreated` scripting API event even when creating with a template
  • [Shader] Compiled shader is not loaded from cache when shader file doesn't compile
  • [Shelf] Exporting HDR file from the shelf will output a file with clamped values
  • [Export] EXR export clamps RGB color values between 0-1
  • [Content] Procedural noise "3D Perlin Noise Fractal" is pixelated


2018.1.2 (Spring Update) - Release date: 2018/06/12


  • Summary: Improved Baking Speed, Improved Save System, Updated Sliders, Updated Plugin API, Chinese Translation, Improved Padding now Optional
  • [Bakers] Performance improvement with new baker version
  • Force display dialog with incompatible GPU
  • [Save] Expose new compact project functionality (full/compact save mode)
  • [Save] Inform user in case of saving error
  • [Clean] Next save in full/compact mode
  • [Sliders] Improvement of the precision of the color/grayscale bars and sliders
  • [Sliders] Addition of Up/Down arrow controls
  • [Sliders] Same detection zone for color and grayscale bar sliders
  • [Plugin] Autosave always in incremental mode
  • [Plugin] Option to switch plugins to new interface style
  • [Language] Add Chinese translation
  • [Padding] Option to switch between UV and 3D space neighbor padding per Texture Set in Texture Set Settings
  • [Script] Expose save mode: full/compact or incremental
  • [Script] Update scripting/QML documentation
  • [Log] Indicate save mode in log (full/compact or incremental)


  • [Tool] Channel slot transforms into a material slot on single-channel fills
  • Crash when loading a mesh (FBX) with some faces not assigned by a material
  • Crash in Iray with NVIDIA GRID 5.2 on a virtual machine
  • Crash when undoing a material preset deletion
  • Crash when loading some projects
  • [Command line] New command line for UDIMs meshes split-by-udim
  • [Toolbar] Shrinking of the toolbar
  • [Instancing] Cannot instantiate bitmaps across multiple texture sets
  • [Viewport] Refresh is not complete when painting on the mesh with tiled UVs
  • [Iray] Normal Map is applied twice for dielectrics
  • [Shelf] Typos in some Substance parameters (alphas, procedurals, and matfx)
  • [Shelf] Typo for the bitmap "Authorized Personnel Only"
  • [Script] Function alg.shaders.materials() does not work anymore

Known Issues:
Computation freeze on AMD VEGA GPUs


Release date: 2018/04/03


  • [Tablet] Issue when changing default interaction choices
  • [Bakers] Crash with Assimp library
  • [Bakers] Regression on performance with A.O. map
  • [Iray] Lens Distortion is not applied to the Alpha channel
  • [Drivers] Update of minimum drivers requirements
  • [3Dview] Normals not correctly generated on UDIM meshes without normals information
  • [Intel] Crash with Substance Painter 2018.1.0
  • [Intel][Viewport] Issue with padding (black artefacts)

Known Issues:

Computation freeze on AMD VEGA GPUs


Release date: 2018/03/15


  • New overall style (icons, color, behavior)
  • New default layout
  • [Tablet] User experience enhancement while painting
  • [Main menu] Sort native items in views and toolbars first
  • [Main menu] Move quick mask actions in viewport section
  • [Main menu] Move right-click actions into viewport section
  • [Main menu] Rename "View" menu as "Window"
  • [Quick menu] New tool properties by right click in the viewport
  • [Dock widget] New dock toolbar for quick reduce/recall
  • [Display settings] Camera and viewer settings window merged
  • [Layer stack] Contextual right-click menu
  • [Layer stack] Drag and drop to move any effect within the same layer
  • [Toolbar] Reorganization of the toolbar and new contextual toolbar
  • [Tools toolbar] Split clone tool into two separate tools
  • [Tools properties] Lighter background grayscale value in the preview
  • [Tools properties] Organization in tabs (fill and tools)
  • [Tool] Painting result matches the stencil
  • [Viewport] New cursor for fill layer
  • [Viewport] Smoother navigation and painting (higher frame rate)
  • [Viewport] Material/Channel/Map selection combo box in viewport
  • [Viewport] Reduce flickering while rotating (shadow on)
  • [Shelf] Display materials by default when opening Painter
  • [Shelf] Loading time improvement of Substance textures and materials (2 to 6 times faster)
  • [Shelf] Reorganize materials folders to fit Substance Source structure
  • [Shelf] Drag and drop materials directly on the mesh in the viewport
  • [Shelf] New 3D Noises (Perlin, Perlin Fractal, Simplex, and Worley)
  • [Shelf] New 3D Linear Gradient mask generator using mesh position
  • [Shelf] Updated base Noises to support non-square expansion
  • [Shelf] Added new template and export preset for Lens Studio (Snap application)
  • [Shelf] Updated Smart Materials and Smart Masks to use latest version of the Mask Editor (micro details)
  • [Shelf] New sample project "TilingMaterial" to create seamless tiling materials
  • [Shelf] New brush presets (Calligraphy, Wet, Hatching and so on)
  • [Sliders] New sliders and grayscale/color bars style and behavior
  • [Bakers] Allow use of full scene bounding box to compute the position map
  • [Shader] Remove height force parameter from the default shader parameters
  • [Engine] Substance engine updated
  • [Engine] No or less discontinuities across UV chunks
  • [Plugins] Import materials downloaded from Substance Source more quickly
  • [Plugins] Update all plugins to match the new overall style
  • [Preferences] Preview background color changes automatically
  • [Clean] Reduced risk of project corruption
  • [Open] Opening project time improvement
  • [New project] New project - mesh update time improvement
  • [Save] Saving Project time improvement
  • [Log] License type reported in the log
  • [TextureSet] Rename "Bake Textures" button as "Bake Mesh Maps"
  • Rename "Additional maps" as "Mesh maps"


  • [Viewport] Bad performances with meshes containing a lot of sub-objects
  • [Tools properties] Channel disabled when dragging and dropping an image into the material slot
  • [Tools properties] Brush preview is broken with smudge and clone tools
  • [Texture set] Channels order is wrong when using templates
  • [Shelf] Missing icon for Grayscale Conversion generator
  • [Shelf] Sign Circle Number alpha is broken (missing font)
  • Incorrect detection of integrated GPUs at launch
  • [Crash] Drag-and-droping an imported ressource named with a # character
  • [Engine] Vram detection issue on integrated GPU
  • [Engine] Fixed numerous crashes in Substance Engine Linker
  • [Engine] Square artefacts when changing resolution
  • [Post Effects] Interface resize is slow when post effects are on
  • [Bakers] Scene unit is not correctly respected for Ray Distance values
  • [Bakers] AO from Mesh Occluder distance is clamped to 1 no matter the input value
  • [Bakers] Match by name ignores some meshes with specific names
  • [Bakers] Color from mesh Polygroup and Submesh ID setting always return a black image
  • [Bakers] ID Baking fails with binary FBX meshes from Blender
  • [Shader] Noise in the 2D View with dota-2 and non-pbr-spec-gloss
  • [Linux] Only one CPU thread is used when baking
  • [MacOS] Crash with brush cursor moving over the viewport

Known Issues:

  • Computation freeze on AMD VEGA GPUs
  • Distorsion post process not taken into account while exporting in IRay (alpha)


Release date: 2018/01/24


  • [Export] Get the status of an export with step progress
  • [Export] Allow canceling an export
  • [Export] Export textures to Sketchfab without losing normal map quality
  • [Export] Export in glTF binary format (glb)
  • [Export] Allow resizing columns in the configuration tab of the export window
  • [Shader] Add a changelog for the shader API
  • [Scripting] Add Before and After callback functions when exporting textures
  • [Iray] Upgrade to SDK 2017.1 (support of Volta GPUs)


  • Crash when quitting the application before the main window is displayed
  • [MAC] Crash when loading grayscale maps with IRAY
  • [MAC] VRAM detection is not correct with the new High Sierra OS
  • [Plugin] Downloading assets from Substance Source does not work anymore
  • [Scripting] Incorrect minimum plugin version detection
  • [Export] Fail to save export preset after exporting textures
  • [Instancing] Issue on generators instantiated in a TextureSet with no Additional Maps
  • [Viewport] Dithering does not work with a resolution above 4k
  • [Viewport] 2D View material display is covered with noise
  • [Shelf] Improve loading time for shelf presets
  • [Engine] Incorrect blending when painting under color selection


Release date: 2017/12/15


  • [Scripting] Export mesh through the scripting API
  • [Import] Disable import of unsupported mesh file format (allow only obj, fbx, dae, ply)
  • [Log] Indicate more precisely the TDR issue in the log file


  • Crash if the application is closed before resources crawling has finished
  • Crash when opening projects with Smudge/Clone tool
  • Crash when using redo after an undo of a Shader change in Viewer Settings
  • [Engine] Texturing differs between Painter 2017.2 and 2017.4
  • [Viewport] Picking on an ID map from an instance sample the wrong color
  • [Export] Crash when exporting an invalid normal or occlusion texture
  • [Export] PSD files have their groups locked when opened in Photoshop CS6
  • [Plugin] Photoshop plugin ignores channel selection and always export everything
  • [Layers] Anchors break when copy/pasted across Texture Sets
  • [Layers] Some anchor's references cannot be restored if broken
  • [Shader] pbr-coated secondary roughness parameter is broken
  • [Steam] Version checker pop-up shouldn't be visible at launch

Known Issues:

[AMD] Crashes/Freezes when trying to paint on a mesh. Can be fixed with a GPU Driver update.

Substance 2017.4

Release date: 2017/11/23

Added :

  • [Instancing] Allow instantiating parameters across layers
  • [Instancing] Allow jumping between a source layer and an instance
  • [Instancing] Add a "instantiate across texture sets" action
  • [Instancing] Indicate in the layer stack re-entrant instances (cycles)
  • [Instancing] Delete instances when a source is removed
  • [Instancing] Don't allow Anchor's references from outside an instanced folder
  • [UI] Move the Undo Stack into its own window named "History"
  • [Plugin] Integrate DCC live-link plugin
  • [Engine] Improve painting performances with Sparse painting
  • [Export] Add draft and re-export options to the Sketchfab exporter
  • [Shelf] Add "flip" control for Font substances
  • [Shelf] Add 20 new procedurals materials
  • [Shelf] Add 40 new grunge maps (bitmap based and procedural)
  • [Viewport] Enable brush preview collisions on other visible texture sets
  • Update AMD GPU drivers minimum requirements

Fixed :

  • Crash When computing Substances at too big resolutions
  • Crash when painting heavily with particles
  • [Viewport] Incorrect specular reflection in the 2D view with specific meshes
  • [UI] Some unwanted actions appear in the History window

Known Issues :

  • [Layers] Some anchor's references cannot be restored if broken
  • Crash when using redo after an undo of a Shader change in Viewer Settings

Substance 2017.3

Added :

  • [Export] Allow exporting mesh and textures for Adobe Project Felix
  • [Export] Allow exporting into the glTF file format
  • [Engine] Optimize textures size in VRAM by using block compression
  • [Viewport] Be able to drag and drop a mesh or project in the viewport
  • [UI] Improve warning message about TDR
  • [UI] Log should be displayed only upon request
  • [UI] Allow clearing the content of the log window
  • [UI] Display warnings and errors in the status bar
  • [UI] Display Tabs on top as in web browsers
  • [UI] Improve "not paintable" context and messages
  • [UI] Add a “save as copy” action in the file menu
  • [Layer] Set default tiling setting to 1 by default
  • [Shelf] Improved gradient filter to support 10 dynamic colors
  • [Shelf] Add a space in the default query of the mini-shelf
  • [Shelf] Add an 'Open in explorer' action for local resources in the shelf
  • [Shelf] Add template and shader for Adobe Material Standard (Project Felix)
  • [Shelf] Increase max tiling to 128 in Material Layering shaders
  • [Shelf] Added Sobel curvature for micro-details of Mask Generators
  • [Plugin] Add autosave plugin with the customizable time interval
  • [Scripting] Add a "save as copy" function

Fixed :

  • [UI] Layout is broken at the first launch
  • [Export] PSD generated at export has format errors
  • [Export] EXR always exports 8 bits height map
  • [Export] Crash when exporting corrupted Additional maps
  • [Import] Hard edges are not preserved on low poly meshes in some cases
  • [Import] Improved error messages when importing meshes with issues
  • [Bakers] ID Map Baking fail with Match By Name enabled
  • [Viewport] Tangent space is not synched with bakers
  • [Effect] Moving back a layer doesn't restore an anchor's reference
  • [Effect] Refresh issue when creating a link in between two Masks with anchors
  • [Effect] Masks anchors above mask shouldn't be listed
  • [Effect] Extract Alpha setting from Anchors doesn't work
  • [Engine] Mask inverts itself after first brush stroke
  • [Engine] Crash when switching Texture Set on a specific project
  • [Shelf] Crash when deleting a preset which is in a project
  • [Shelf] Typo in the advanced Tri-Planar filter
  • [Shelf] MG Mask Builder AO Noise Scale doesn't work properly
  • [Shelf] MG Mask Builder has inverted curvature parameters
  • [Shelf] Imported alphas generate a material sphere preview instead of a flat one

Substance 2017.2

Added :

  • Anchor Points - Layer and Mask referencing system
  • [Layer Stack] Ability to rename Fill and Paint Effects
  • [Shelf] 4 New Fonts (Japanese + Simplified Chinese, Typewriter, Segment)
  • [Performance] Project loading and stamping optimizations
  • [Substance Source] Updated Substance Source plugin
  • Added Splash Screen on startup
  • [Scripting] Allow querying Texture Set Resolution
  • [Scripting] Allow getting the status of the Painting engine

Fixed :

  • [Tool] Performance issues when tweaking material parameters
  • [Engine] Disappearing brush strokes when changing resolution (4K>2K)
  • [Shader] Non-PBR shader doesn't work anymore
  • [Sample] Meet Mat sample project Texture Set names are incorrect
  • [Shelf] Shelf path in the user documents isn't created automatically
  • Saving a project before creating a template returns write permission errors
  • [Shelf] Make presets compatible with previous versions after an update
  • [Bakers) ID Map Baking fail with Match By Name enabled
  • [3D View] Tangent space is not synched with bakers

Substance 2017.1

Substance Painter changes its versioning number.

(Released 20 June 2017)

Added :

  • [Plugin] New Substance Source plugin (allow to download assets in the shelf)
  • [Shelf] 4 New Fonts (Japanese + Simplified Chinese, Typewriter, Segment)
  • [Shelf] 230 New Alphas (Mix of patterns, brushes and fingerprint scans)
  • [Shelf] 50 New Procedurals (Fabric patterns of medieval and contemporary clothing)
  • [Shelf] 2 New environment maps (Mondarrain and Villa Nova Street)
  • [Shelf] 9 New filters (MatFx Detail Edge Wear, Clamp, HBAO, etc.)
  • [Shelf] Improved default Panorama environment map
  • [Shelf] New Arnold 5 export presets
  • [Scripting] Allow importing the resource into the Shelf

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