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Substance Painter Texturing – Vintage Theater Chair #mayamonday

Substance Painter Texturing Vintage Theater Chair by Brent LeBlanc

Image credit: Brent LeBlanc

Vintage Theater Chair Part 1 – Procedural and Painted Texturing

Brent Le Blanc shows you how to use Substance Painter texturing of a Vintage Theater Chair for film and games. He uses advanced procedural techniques. In the first tutorial in the series, Brent explains how to texture a vintage theater chain. He begins by talking about his approach to the project, then he looks at Procedural Color Variations. After that, he breaks down each material, explaining how he created the wood material. Next, he talks about how he made the copper plates with the numbers. Following that he explains his technique for the metal materials. Finally, he talks about the seat fabric.

You can play along with Brent by downloading the smart materials for the tutorial.  Find the link on the original YouTube post.


Rendering in Arnold for Maya – Vintage Theater Chair Part 2

In part 2 Brent jumps into Maya using Arnold to add procedural dust and color variation. First, he discusses his plan of attack. He defines UDIM in the texture nodes and uses some techniques and tools to introduce variation and randomize the color a bit.

If you’d like to see more from Brent, check out his website or follow him on Twitter.

This tutorial came to us via Lester Banks.

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