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Freebie: 3D Normalization in After Effects with Tutorial

Freebie friday 3d normalization script for AE

Normalize Track, a New Free Tool for Fast Simple 3D Normalization! Save time with matchmoving and compositing AE tracked footage.

In this tutorial from Red Giant, Hashi (aka Action Movie Dad) explains his technique for his 3D normalization process. And, Joe at Workbench created a script called Normalize Track that duplicates this process. It will help you achieve this same result much faster and more easily, with just one click!

Normalize Track, a New Free Tool for Fast Simple 3D Normalization! This script and tutorial will save you a ton of time for camera-tracked content in your projects. Hashi explains how to set this up for every project.

Download Normalize Track

If you’ve watched any of Hashi’s Cheap Tricks tutorials for Red Giant, you’ve probably seen him “normalize” a 3D composition, right after camera tracking. It’s a necessary multi-step process for taking the random 3D coordinate results generated by the After Effects camera tracker and turning them into something useful for adding motion graphics or VFX to your footage. Since it’s so essential and is often missed, Hashi has put it all together in this short tutorial.

3D normalization in After Effects

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