Freebies: Video Copilot FreeAfter Effects Plug-ins & Templates Roundup

Freebies: Video Copilot FreeAfter Effects Plug-ins & Templates Roundup

Video Copilot has many cool, fun and handy free plug-ins and templates for creating motion design & visual effects in After Effects. And don’t forget about the VC Summer Sale going on now, with 25% savings on all Video Copilot products.

Free Color Vibrance Plug-in V1.0.6

  • Free Plug-in to create intense hot colorization in AE
  • Includes mattes options for generating Alpha Channel

Download Color Vibrance


reflectionFree Reflection Plug-in

  • Download and use our free reflection Plug-in
  • Customize the look of the reflection in 3D space

Download Reflection Plug-in


Free FX Console

  • Access FX & Presets quickly
  • Create FX Shortcuts
  • Create FX Overrides
  • Export Snapshot with PNG
  • Automatic Snapshot Tool & Gallery
  • + MORE!

Download FX Console


ugly sweaterFree Ugly Sweater Template

  • Control thread size and width
  • Control Stitching angle
  • Add dis-colorization to the threads

Download Ugly Sweater Template


glass eyesFree Glass Eyes

Download Glass Eyes


saberFree Saber

  • Create High quality energy & lights beams
  • Realistic Glow falloff
  • Advanced Core Settings
  • Built-in Distortion
  • 25 Presets
  • Dynamic Text and Mask Outlines
  • Stackable FX

Download Saber


sure targetFree Sure Target

  • Use Sure Target preset to achieve advanced 3d moves
  • Learn advanced tips and create “3d-looking” titles

Download Sure Target


video copilot summer sale

Video Copilot Summer Sale – 25% Off Everything through July 31, 2018!

Video Copilot offers distinctive and innovative tools that improve the quality and speed of your production while offering freedom and flexibility.

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Sale ends July 31, 2018

Posted by Kim Sternisha