Maxon Cinema 4D R21 Compatibility: The Definitive List

Maxon Cinema 4D R21 Compatibility

We’re super excited about the release of Maxon Cinema 4D R21, but as with any major release, the issue of compatibility comes into play. Developers are working diligently to make sure everything will work smoothly as soon as R21 is released to the public.

We have put together a list of products and information to keep you informed about plug-in and product compatibility. Please let us know if you have any information that should be included on this list. We will be updating it as new information is learned.

Updated 13 September 2019: Added Heyne MultiMedia Products

Chaos Group

V-Ray for Cinema 4D now supports R21 with build 3.70.04.

V-Ray for Cinema 4D

Corona Renderer

According to their forums, they’re working on an update for R21.

Corona Renderer

Curious Animal

They are currently working on an update for R21. This will be a free update for existing customers.

Curious Animal Products


All plugins except Text Edge Pro are currently compatible. Bendy Limbs is fully compatible with R21.

eyedesyn Products


Greyscalegorilla plugins are R21 compatible. If you purchased through Toolfarm, contact sales@toolfarm.com to request an updated installer.

Greyscalegorilla Products

Heyne Multimedia

All Heyne Multimedia products are R21 compatible. Although there is new license handling. There is no C4D serial number as basis for our plugin license keys anymore, so the plugin license keys for users of R21 base on the system ID of the computer.

Heyne Multimedia products


X-Particles and Cycles 4D are compatible with Cinema 4D R21
Download X-Particles build 732 and Cycles 4D build 353

Insydium Products

Jawset TurbulenceFD for Cinema 4D

The latest build, v1 build 1448, is a free maintenance update that adds R21 compatibility.

Jawset TurbulenceFD for C4D


The current version is compatible with R17-R21.



Plants Kit – All Plants Kits and the Player are compatible with Cinema 4D R 21

SurfaceSpread – Update is in process.

Laubwerk Products

Next Limit

RealFlow | Cinema 4D and Maxwell 4 | Cinema 4D is not currently compatible with the beta version of Cinema 4D R21. They are working on a compatible version, but at this moment cannot fully guarantee that it will be available at R21 release date.

Laubwerk Products


The U-RENDER 2019.09.01 is a service release that improves performance, stability, and correctness and introduces support for Cinema 4D R21.



An update is in process. No ETA yet. All existing and new purchases of Xfrog 6.0 R20 will receive a free update to R21.

Xfrog Products

Posted by Michele Yamazaki