News: CINEMA 4D R20 Product Compatibility (Updated 26 December 2018)

News: CINEMA 4D R20 Product Compatibility (Updated 26 December 2018)

With changes and updates to the software, many of your plug-ins may be compatible. We have put together a list of products and information to let you know what we know about compatibility. Please let us know if you have any information that should be included on this list. We will be updating it as new information is learned.

Updated: 26 December with information about Kuroyume Greebler and Insydium Bridge

C4D Stuff – HB ModellingBundle

With version 2.3, HB Bundle adds C4D R20 compatibility as well as new tools like HB_Mirror and HB_Selector and a Cool Preserve Shape Mode for HB_Relax.

HB ModelingBundle

Cinemaplugins DEM Earth

There is a free update, v3.2, available for R20 Compatibility. Contact sales@toolfarm.com for the update information.

CinemaPlugins DEM Earth

Cinemaplugins LAZPoint

Version 2.28 is currently compatible with CINEMA 4D R20.

CinemaPlugins LAZPoint

Corona Renderer

R20 is supported in the newest beta that came out on Sept 18.

Download Corona Renderer Beta 2 here

Beta 2 latest beta has a custom installation. You must select only R20 and then install.

Corona Renderer

Curious Animal Products

Most Curious Animal products will be compatible with R20. No plug-ins built for prior versions will work with R20, so copying plugins from your R19 or earlier plugins folders won't work for R20.

  1. Download the latest Plugin Manager, which includes R20 support.
  2. Then get your new plugin Activation Codes to work with R20 using our Updated License Form.
  3. Install the new Plugin Manager in your R20 plugins folder, start C4D, and open the Plugin Manager – it will take you through the process of activating and downloading the correct versions of Curious Animal plugins for R20.

“The main change for us is Fields – these are awesome! But they replace falloffs. We've updated most of our falloffs to work with R20 anyway to help you transition old projects – I say most because unfortunately Noise Falloff and Boole Falloff just don't work with R20, Super Source Falloff and our free falloffs are working. Fields pretty well cover all the features available in Fallofftopia so we won't be developing fields versions of these, although we still support them for R15-19. As I mentioned earlier Grid will not be supported for R20. There is also no R20 version of our free Falloff Sampler Shader.”

All other paid and free Curious Animal plugins are working now with R20.

Curious Animal Products


All Greyscalegorilla plug-ins have a free update.

Signal was the last Greyscalegorilla plugin to be updated due to some existing limitations with R20. Here’s the fix.

Due to a temporary limitation in Cinema 4D R20, when a vector parameter is dragged onto Signal the SHIFT key needs to be held down. Otherwise only a single parameter will be driven, not all three.

MAXON estimates that the upcoming R20 build scheduled for early 2019 will fix this parameter issue, so until then you will need to use the SHIFT key when using vectors. We will make an announcement once the fix is applied.

The latest Signal, version 1.521, is now available in your Greyscalegorilla Account. You will also find all other R20 updates now available, including recent fixes to HDRI Link (Browser + Arnold patches) and new Light Kit Pro 3 installers.

If you are ready for updates, contact sales@toolfarm.com with your information. 

All Greyscalegorilla Products

Insydium X-Particles

Version 2018 (5) is currently compatible with CINEMA 4D R20.


Insydium Cycles 4D

They are expecting an R20 Compatible release of Cycles 4D to be available to the public in early 2019. There were big changes to the Cinema 4D Core, so that is why developers have to update their plugins. 

Cycles 4D

Insydium Bridge

The INSYDIUM Bridge is a free plug-in for Cinema 4D users that can load plugins from R12 to R19 and enable them to work in R20.

Learn more | Download

Jawset TurbulenceFD for Cinema 4D

v1 Rev 1437 was released 2018-09-07 and has support for R20. Download the latest update from our demos page.

Jawset TurbulenceFD for Cinema 4D

Kuroyume Greebler

Updated 26 December 2018: Insydium has updated Bridge so that Greebler is now working in Cinema 4D R20. This has been verified that both the plugin works and older projects (R13+) load.

Note: You must have the Insydium Bridge plugin installed and place Greebler in the same folder as the Bridge plugin for this to work.

Check out Burning Question: What is a Greeble? Includes Lots of Freebies and Tutorials!

Kuroyume Greebler

Mike Udin Target 4D

Version 1.3 is compatible with R20. Learn more

Mike Udin Plugins

Laublab V-RayforC4D

The v3.6.04 will be available soon as a free update for R20 Compatibility. Read more on the V-RayforC4D forums.

V-Ray for C4D is no longer sold by Laublab but is now part of Chaos Group: 
News: Chaos Group Welcomes V-Ray for Cinema 4D to the Family

V-Ray for Cinema 4D

Laubwerk Plant Kits

An update for R20 is available. 

Laubwerk Products

Next Limit Maxwell | CINEMA 4D

Maxwell | Cinema4D 4.2.2 was released on 18 September, which adds compatibility with the latest Cinema 4D R20. Download the update at the Next Limit Portal.

Maxwell | CINEMA 4D

Next Limit RealFlow | CINEMA 4D

There will be a compatibility update available soon. We will let you know when it's available.

RealFlow | Cinema 4D


Version 2.6.21 was the release that brought compatibility with Maxon Cinema 4D R20. The current version, as of 24 September, is v2.6.15.23.



The beta is compatible with R20.

U-Render Beta Information

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