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10 Free Python Tools #FreebieFriday #10Free

10 Free Python Tools

In this week’s 10 Free, we’re featuring Python Tools, Scripts, and even a tutorial. We’re featuring scripts for Cinema 4D, Maya, Redshift, Houdini, After Effects, and more. This is for any artists out there who aren’t afraid of Python code.

1MographToNulls for C4D R20/R19

What it does: This is a solution for accessing the hierarchy in Cinema 4D in individual clones when they themselves contain a hierarchy.

Compatibility: Cinema 4D R19 and R20

Download: MographToNulls


2 NoskeWiki Cinema 4D Python Scripts

What it does: Andrew Noske, a Google Software Engineer, has a Wiki with several Python Scripts for Cinema 4D. He has scripts that are name related, spline related, and duplicating objects.

Compatibility: C4D R12 and later.

Download: NoskeWiki Python Scripts

3EL Tool Pack: 4 Python Tools for Maya

What it does: A few months ago, Lester Banks shared the EL tool Pack, 4 free Python scripts for Autodesk Maya. These come from senior build TD at Dneg, Erik Lehmann.

Compatibility: Autodesk Maya

Download: EL Tool Pack

4 Mimic for Maya

What it does: Another that came to us via Lester Banks, Mimic is a python-based plugin that lets you control industrial robots through Maya. It looks really cool!

Compatibility: Autodesk Maya

Download: Mimic for Maya

5 Redshift Material Builder

What it does: Fabian Strube has a script that allows artists to create Redshift materials for Maya faster. Then, they can connect the textures in an elegant and standardized way.

Compatibility: Redshift & Maya

Download: Redshift Material Builder

6 Automatic Output Null

It’s a 2-fer from Damian Strube, Automatic Output Null is a Python script that creates Houdini out null objects automatically. It uses a selection and names, colors, shapes and places them for a better overview in your scene and one step less to take care of every single time.

Compatiblity: Houdini

Download: Automatic Output Null

7 Automatic Rotoscoping

What it does: This is a tutorial, not a free script. Learn how to make the script with free tools, though, so I think it counts. It from Damian Allen at ProVideo Coalition. Also, get the lowdown on how to use AI for Automatic Rotoscoping. The bi-line says it all:

Create a mind-blowingly useful automatic rotoscoping tool while learning basic Python in this 40-minute guide. No coding experience necessary.

Compatibility: Unknown

Read tutorial: Automatic Rotoscoping

Watch Tutorial: Automatic Rotoscoping

8 Lens Distortion Plugin Kit v2.2 for Nuke

What it does: Uwe Sassenberg – Science-D-Visions has a “free Lens Distortion Plugin Kit (LDPK). It’s a collection of sources, headers, binaries, and documents which help you to develop lens distortion plugins for 3DE4 and compositing systems.” It was just updated 10/22/19 so it’s fresh!


  • Linux: Nuke 10.0, 10.5, 11.0, 11.1, 11.2, 11.3, 12.0
  • macOS: Nuke 10.0, 10.5, 11.0, 11.1, 11.2, 11.3, 12.0
  • Windows: Nuke 10.0, 10.5, 11.0, 11.1, 11.2, 11.3, 12.0

Download: Get the Lens Distortion Plugin Kit

9 Houdini 2 AE Free Python Tool

What it does: This tool was created by Visual Effects Technical Director and Freelancer Mohammed Osama. If you work in both Houdini and After Effects, the Houdini 2 AE is a Python script pipeline between the two applications. It lets you export camera and locators from Houdini to After Effects.

Compatibility: Houdini 15.5 and up


10 OpenTimelineIO from Pixar Studios

What it does: From the press release, OpenTimelineIO Becomes Fifth Project Hosted at Academy Software Foundation:

Initially created by Pixar Animation Studios, OpenTimelineIO (OTIO) is an Open Source API and interchange format that facilitates collaboration and communication of editorial data and timeline information between a studio’s Story, Editorial, and Production departments all the way through Post-Production.


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