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Maya + Python

Maya + Python

What is Python?

Python is an easy to learn, powerful, high-level programming language that useful for creating tools, plug-ins or scripting for 3D applications, games, After Effects, and more. High-level refers to the fact that it's made to be easy for humans to read and write, so that should give you some idea about it. It's also well integrated into Maya and can help users automate tasks and more.

Python Scripts in MASH in Maya 2018

Maya artist Maximilian Schönherr walks users through using Python in MASH, Maya’s super powerful Motion Graphics Toolkit, which we've talked about quite a bit in the past on Maya Monday. Lester Banks also featured this tutorial in late fall and does a nice writeup with more information. 

Maya 2018: MASH + Python Smart Presets

Ian Waters shows off some fast and useful things you can do with MASH and Python smart presets using the drop window.

Python For Maya 101 Free Class

Kasper Larsson at Manoanim explains how to use Python in Maya. He has a free course online and he explains how to get his lectures for free. He explains that the right way to do it is to not learn from some online class because users need context. He explains how to reuse scripts. This one also comes via Lester Banks, and he mentions Chris Zurbrigg's great Beginning Python for Maya series

Python in Maya




Other places to learn Python

Many of these classes are via Free Code Camp, so check out their list of programming classes. They have all sorts of coding from Python to HTML, Linux to Javascript, and Mobile apps to Google Cloud and also offer languages other than English.


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