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macOS Big Sur Compatibility – Updated 24 June 2021

macOS Big Sur Compatibility

Big Sur, the next-generation of the macOS operating system, pushes macOS to version 11 and appears to include major changes under the hood. Certainly, you’ll want to check back to this page. We will keep it updated as wehear of compatibility successes and problems with your video and audio tools.

Apple announced Big Sur at the WWDC in June 2020 and has been in a public beta. The 10th beta was released for developers. It’s a complete overhaul so we are expecting there will be compatibility issues with software and plugins, as companies race to update their products.

Mac Rumors has a big list of software that works in Big Sur.

If you are a Toolfarm Vendor, please let us know if your software is compatible or not compatible. Thank you!

 This page will be updated as we have more information from our vendors, so bookmark it.



How to Prepare Your Mac to Upgrade to macOS Big Sur

  1. Make sure your Mac is compatible
  2. Clean out your Mac and back it up.
  3. Choose how to upgrade (migration or clean install)
  4. Upgrade!


macOS Big Sur Compatibility Notes

AB Soft Neat Video

v5.4 adds support for macOS Big Sur. The minimum supported version of macOS is now 10.13.6.


They are still testing and do not support it yet. Adobe recommends that you wait until it’s no longer in beta to install it and run Adobe software. In addition, they are suggesting that you run your Adobe apps in a test environment. Read more.

According to Mac Rumors, below, is the status for the current Big Sur beta.

  • Acrobat  – not yet supported
  • After Effects – fully supported
  • Bridge 2020 – Bridge 11.x is compatible, but there are some small issues.
  • Illustrator 2020 – fully supported
  • Indesign CC 2020 – fully supported
  • Lightroom and Lightroom Classic – fully supported
  • Photoshop 2020 – Photoshop 22.x is compatible but there are a few known issues.
  • Premiere Pro and Premiere Rush – fully supported

Accusonus New

Accusonus ERA Bundles v5.2 are both fully Big Sur compatible. Regroover, Beatformer, and Rhytmiq are also fully compatible.

Drumatron is NOT compatible with Big Sur.


Antares plug-ins are not yet supported for macOS 11 Big Sur.


The following products ARE fully compatible:

  • Final Cut Pro 10.5
  • Motion 5.5
  • Compressor 4.5
  • Pro Video Formats 2.2
  • GarageBand 10.4
  • Logic Pro 10.6 – updated 13 November 2020
  • Logic Remote 1.5
  • MainStage 3.5

Audified Update

Not yet compatible.


Compatible with macOS 10.12-10.16, but not Big Sur.

Audio Ease Update

Not yet compatible.


formZ v9.1 adds support for Big Sur and the M1 Macs (using Rosetta 2).

Avid Update

Pro Tools, Media Composer, and Sibelius will all work on Big Sur, but be sure to read the product matrix for version information and whether or not they will work on M1 computers.

Avid’s matrix of product support for Big Sur

Blackmagic Design

Fusion Studio 17.1 and Resolve Studio 17.1 are compatible with Big Sur.

Read more: Update: DaVinci Resolve & Fusion 17.1, M1 Silicon, Big Sur Support

Blue Cat Audio

Most Blue Cat Audio products are compatible. You’ll get a popup security warning about how the software can’t be opened due to it being malicious, but it’s okay. Learn more about how to override the warning.

The following ONLY run on Big Sur:

The following do not support Big Sur or Catalina:

  • Parametr’EQ Series

Boris FX

If you use Digital Film Tools products, Boris FX will NOT be releasing a patch for Big Sur. In addition, those who crossgrade to Continuum will NOT be able to open old DFT projects.

D16 GroupUpdate

Officially only part of our software suite is compatible with macOS 11 (Big Sur)

D16 Group advises users to hold on with installing or upgrading to Mac OS 11.0 (Big Sur). Plug-ins work in a strictly controlled environment and their performance is affected by external factors, like hosts’ compatibility.

In the situation that not all host apps are compatible in 100% with Big Sur (like according to our current knowledge Ableton Live and few others), there’s not possible to guarantee plug-ins to work properly on Big Sur.

Our newer products

These plug-ins:

  • Antresol
  • Decimort 2
  • Devastor 2
  • Fazortan 2
  • Frontier
  • Godfazer
  • Redoptor 2
  • Spacerek
  • Syntorus 2
  • Tekturon
  • Toraverb 2

They were recently updated and they are fully compatible with Intel-based machines featuring macOS 11.

Remaining newer plug-ins:

  • Repeater
  • PunchBox

These aren’t officially compatible with Big Sur operating system, but tests indicate they should work fine.

Apple Silicon-based machines are a completely different story, at this moment our plug-ins run on M1-based machines only through Rosetta emulation, so we can’t guarantee their full compatibility.

Digital Anarchy

Digital Anarchy announced it has refreshed its family of visual effects plugins for Final Cut Pro optimized for Apple’s newest M1 hardware, as well as for the newest Mac OS release, Big Sur. As part of this refresh, Digital Anarchy has released new versions of Beauty Box, Flicker Free, and Samurai Sharpen (in beta). These releases also now fully support Apple’s Metal GPU acceleration, resulting in a 25% increase in performance across its plugins.

Digital Anarchy also worked closely with the Final Cut Pro team to make sure all the plugins take advantage of the new features in FCP 10.5.2. This includes FCP’s new plugin architecture to improve performance and reliability on both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs.

Read more: Update: Digital Anarchy FCPX Plugins for Big Sur and M1 Apple Silicon Macs

Digital Rebellion

QT Edit in Pro Media Tools 2.0 has been rewritten to use the modern AV Foundation framework, allowing it to work in Catalina and Big Sur.

CinePlay v1.7 includes M1 Mac and macOS 11 Big Sur compatibility

Divergent Media

We’re releasing both apps in public beta while we collect your feedback and wait for 3rd party partners to finalize M1 support for their components.

ScopeBox 4.1b2 known issues:

  • no NDI input support
  • no AJA iput support
  • ScopeLink output only works in 3rd party hosts running in Rosetta 2

You can download ScopeBox here: 4.1b

Current customers with an active serial will be able to run the app. We may push updates to the beta from time to time via in-app auto-upgrade. Please make sure that and crash reporting is activated in your preferences.

There are no known issues related to M1 support in EditReady 2.7b1

You can download EditReady here: 2.7b

Current customers with a 2.x serial will be able to run the app. We may push updates to the beta from time to time over in-app auto-upgrade.

e-on Software

Vue and Plant Factory 2021.1 are Big Sur compatible. Read more: New: e-on Software Vue & PlantFactory 2021.1 (R6) Now Available – C4D R23 and Big Sur Compatibility


Works in Big Sur.


v7.2.1 delivers bug fixes, better performance, and improved support for macOS 11 Big Sur Beta.

IK Multimedia

AmpliTude 5 works in Big Sur.


iLok services are fully compatible.

Imagine Products

Shotput Pro is now compatible with Big Sur.


They are currently testing iZotope product compatibility with macOS 11.  They are recommending waiting to upgrade to Big Sur. Read more.

Update Ozone 9 installer and Neutron 3 installer have both been patched for Big Sur on Intel


Not yet compatible

Mastering The Mix

Update As of the December 2021 update, all Mastering The Mix Plug-in are Big Sur Compatible.


Cinema 4D Release 23 is fully compatible with Big Sur. Note: This is NOT a patch and requires a full download and fresh install of Cinema 4D. Read more


McDSP is pleased to announce support for Big Sur (Mac OS 11.x) as a free update in 2021 for all v6 customers and APB hardware customers. McDSP’s latest release of AAX Native, AAX DSP, AU, and VST3 plug-ins (v6.8), and APB plug-ins (v1.3), are being qualified on Big Sur, and are available for download at now.  Learn More

Nugen Audio

Wait to update

The Pixel Farm

PFTrack 21.01.19 brings compatibility with Mac OS 11 Big Sur.



  • Studio One 5.1.1
  • Notion (6.8.0 Build 18061)
  • PreSonus Sphere (all included software, add-ons, and bundled content)

Learn more

Re:Vision FX

All products support maxOS Big Sur (Rosetta 2)

Reason Studios

Reason Studios products are compatible with Apple’s macOS Big Sur, including the following:

  • Reason Suite 11.3.4 and later (online authorization only)
  • Reason 11.3.4 and later (online authorization only)

The following products have not been tested with macOS Big Sur but are being tested. We’ll update the information when we have it.

  • Reason 10.4.1
  • ReCycle 2.2.4

Red Giant

Magic Bullet Suite 14 maintenance update includes Big Sur Compatibility. Update: Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite 14.0.3 – Compatibility with Big Sur, Renewed Support for FCPX

All current versions are compatible. If you are not sure if your current Red Giant installations are up-to-date, follow the instructions below.

  1. Run Red Giant Application Manager to see if any of your products have an update available (noted with a blue button marked “UPDATE”).
  2. If there is an Update Button, click on it and follow the instructions for installation.
  3. If there is no indication of an available update, you are on the current version. You can also choose “check for updates” to be sure.


The latest Redshift open beta (Redshift v3.0.33) is for testing on the Big Sur beta 3 or higher. In other words, they’re testing it now. More info


macOS computers with Apple M1 processors are now supported with Serato DJ Pro 2.5.0 & Serato DJ Lite 1.5.0


Reference 4 is compatible with Big Sur since the v4.4.7 update on 4 Feb 2021.

Sound Toys

Update With Sound Toys 5, Big Sur is supported on Intel. They’re working on M1.

Steven Slate Audio

Update macOS Big Sur (11.0.x) is now officially supported on Intel Macs!

Synchro Arts

Currently testing. product for macOS Big Sur compatibility. “Like with any system upgrade, we recommend that you check Big Sur compatibility with the manufacturers of your DAW(s) and all your other plug-ins of choice, to ensure that this OS upgrade will be fully successful and will not impact your production workflow in any way. Please note that your DAW and other plug-ins may require an update to be compatible with Big Sur.


ScreenFlow version 9.0.7, now includes support for Apple’s new Big Sur OS as well as any of their new hardware equipped with the new Apple Silicon M1 chip.

Wirecast 14.0.4 has been tested on Big Sur and has been qualified with two main exceptions:

  • Xkeys on macOS Big Sur does not work. “We are working on getting this issue resolved, but if Xkeys is an important part of your workflow, you may want to hold off on updating to this new OS.”
  • Mac System Audio Capture on macOS Big Sur continues to require either an audio driver or alternate routing methods depending on the type of Mac you have.

Note:  While Wirecast will technically run on the Rosetta emulator, performance is going to be highly dependent on your workflow and cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, if Wirecast is a critical application, we recommend holding off on transitioning to the new Apple Silicon hardware until we have a more concrete release date for our supported version of Wirecast.


Hive 2.1 now supports macOS Big Sur and the new M1-based Macs.

Bazille version 1.1.1 supports Big Sur

Video Copilot New

The latest version of Element V2.2 is supported with Big Sur. The latest version is for Mac, and it is available in your download account.


All Waves V12 plugins and Waves V11 applications (eMotion LV1, SuperRack, SoundGrid Studio, StudioRack, SoundGrid Driver) are now officially supported on macOS Big Sur 11.0.1 on Intel-based Mac computers.


X-Keys does not work with Big Sur. If you rely on X-Keys, do not update to Big Sur yet.

Zynaptiq Update

PITCHMAP works on macOS Big Sur and Apple Silicon (using Rosetta 2).

Wait to update your OS for other software.

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