Current Public Betas: Avid MC for Catalina, Cavalry, Keyshot

Current Public Betas - Image credit: JESHOOTS-com

How to be a valuable beta tester

Instabug has some great advice on how to give the best feedback and maximize your time while being a beta tester.

Obviously, you should know the product and what bugs have already been reported, but the article also touches on how to submit a quality bug report and suggesting usability changes. If you’re a private beta tester, you should always keep your beta testing confidential too.

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There are not a lot of Current Public Betas to add but there are a couple that you may be interested in. We’ve added new betas, like the Catalina version of Avid Media Composer and Rhino.Inside.Revit.

In the past couple of weeks, there are also new betas for Keyshot and The Pixel Farm PFTrack.

Beta software not only lets you try some software for free but it also helps developers find problems. In addition, feedback from users helps developers steer the direction of their products.

To be clear, some of the betas here are public while others require that you have a current license.

Of course, we’ll keep this page updated with current public beta information. If you hear about something and we don’t have it listed, or if you know if a beta has ended, please drop us an email and let us know.

Featured image credit: JESHOOTS-com

What’s new this post?

  • Rhino.Inside.Revit
  • Avid Media Composer for macOS Catalina

Last 90 days, and earlier.

  • Cavalry
  • Keyshot 9.1 Beta
  • The Pixel Farm PFTrack 20.01.14 
  • Dutch Painters
  • KeenTools FaceBuilder for Blender
  • Iliad for Unreal Engine 4
  • Sound Radix Auto-Align Post
  • Pomfort Silverstack Cloud
  • FilmConvert Nitrate for Final Cut Pro X and DaVinci Resolve
  • Cebas finalrender for Maya
  • Glassbox BeeHive
  • GraFixer Plugin for C4D
  • Chaos Group V-Ray Project Lavina
  • Boomer Labs SuperBlob Beta

Current Betas

Avid Media Composer v2020.2 for macOS Catalina

Avid wants to make sure that the macOS Catalina version of Media Composer is running flawlessly before they launch it. There’s information at the link below about where to download. Also, it’s where you submit your beta data.

Beta Version: 2020.2
Release Date: 4 March 2020
Beta Type: Beta for licensed users of Media Composer, Media Composer | Ultimate, or Media Composer | Enterprise with either an active subscription or active update and support plan to use this software.  Alternatively, you can run Media Composer in Trial mode for the duration of the beta.

Learn More FAQ


“The Rhino.Inside.Revit brings the power of Rhino WIP and Grasshopper to the Autodesk Revit® environment.” They have tutorial videos at the link below, too.

Beta Version: 7
Release Date: October 2019
Beta Type: Public Beta

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Cavalry is a 2D animation program for “Motion Design, Generative Art, Character Animation, Data Visualisation, FUI, Visual Effects and much more.” In fact, Cavalry has had a lot of buzz about it and how it could “disrupt the Adobe empire”. The beta is free, however, Cavalry will be a paid application once it is released.

Beta Version: PR11
Release Date: January 2020
Beta Type: Public Beta

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Keyshot 9Keyshot 9.1

KeyShot is everything you need to create amazing visuals fast. The real-time 3D rendering workflow displays results instantly and reduces the time it takes to create realistic product shots. From scientifically accurate material and environment presets to advanced material editing and animation, creating interactive product visuals or sales and marketing imagery has never been easier.

Beta Version: v9.1
Beta Release Date: 10 January 2020
BetaType: KeyShot 9.1 Beta has entered public testing and is available for all users with a valid KeyShot 9 license.

Learn more Keyshot

PFTrackThe Pixel Farm PFTrack 20.01.14

From the Pixel Farm:

This new version of PFTrack started out as a mission to upgrade our entire build environment, including compilers, servers, and Qt making us more efficient as developers. It took a bit longer than we anticipated and resulted in significant code rewrites which presented an opportunity to update parts of the app that were long overdue.

The net result of this huge update is a better platform to develop features that move us forward and allow us to better support customer requested changes.

Beta Version: v20.01.14
Beta Release Date: 14 January 2020
BetaType: This beta is available for customers with an active PFTrack maintenance subscription only.

Learn more PFTrack

Mut1ny Dutch Painters

The website explains, “DutchPainters is the first end-user product of Mut1ny’s #CreativitySingularity initiative. It is a by-product that arose out of one of our other undergoing projects. DutchPainters is an OpenFX plug-in that allows automatic style transfer of images and video sequences towards a number of Dutch famous master painters from different centuries. You wanted your work to just look like a masterpiece of Dutch fine art then this is your opportunity.”


  • Nuke 12
  • Natron 2.3
  • Da Vinci Resolve 16
  • VEGAS 16
  • Assimilate Scratch V9.1.1032
  • SGO Mistika Boutique (confirmed not working yet)

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FaceBuilderKeenTools FaceBuilder for Blender

KeenTools open beta for FaceBuilder for Blender came out before Christmas. They said in their message about it, “In essence, FaceBuilder is an easy-to-use and handy tool for face likeness sculpting based on several photos. It doesn’t need any additional hardware, produces clean topology and it’s already battle proved in Nuke.”

Beta Version: v1.5.7
Beta Release Date: Latest version 17 December 2019
BetaType: Open Beta
Tutorial: FaceBuilder for Blender Guide

Learn more  FaceBuilder for Nuke

Iliad for Unreal Engine 4

Iliad, Intelligent Layered Imaging Architecture for Drawing, is a tool for editing, painting, and editing 2D textures.

Beta version: v0.1
Release date: 18 December 2019

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Sound Radix Auto Align Post

Sound Radix Auto-Align Post

This is a beta for VST3 plugins that are for ARA2 compatible hosts (Cubase, Nuendo, Reaper, Studio One, Cakewalk), for both Mac and Windows.

Beta Version: 1.2 beta VST3-ARA2
Release Date: 30 October 2019
Beta Type: Public, must have a license for the current version

Learn more Auto Align Post Current Release

Pomfort Silverstack Cloud

Start with the free Beta of Silverstack Cloud. As a user of Silverstack, Silverstack XT, or Silverstack Lab you can sign in with your Pomfort Account.

The Beta of Silverstack Cloud includes full functionality to invite up to 10 team members to monitor up to 5 current project libraries in the cloud. Archived projects are limited to the max of 20. With the end of the Beta period, the free cloud plan further limits the number of projects and invitations.

Beta Version: Silverstack Cloud
Release Date: 24 October 2019
Beta Type: Public

Register here

Pomfort SilverstackPomfort Silverstack

Clever Media Management for Film Productions

Silverstack is your tool for media acquisition and professional data management. To summarize, it imports and handles any kind of camera and media format. Also, Silverstack offers a flexible way of data handling by supporting any kind of file format – including sound files, photos, any camera media, and all other production documents.

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To download a trial version, click on the product page.


FilmConvert Nitrate for Final Cut Pro X and DaVinci Resolve

In effect, FilmConvert is a color grading tool that includes Cineon Log film emulations, Full custom curve control, and Advanced film grain controls. FilmConvert Nitrate is coming to DaVinci Resolve by the end of 2019 and FCPX in early 2020. It’s currently available for After Effects and Premiere Pro.

Beta Version: Nitrate
Release Date: September 2019
Beta Type: Public

Sign up to beta test (link is halfway down the page)

FilmConvert Nitrate for After Effects and Premiere ProFilmConvert Nitrate for After Effects and Premiere Pro

Give Digital camera footage the color and grain of your favorite film stocks

Create the romance of film on your next digital video using FilmConvert plugin for Premiere Pro & After Effects. Our software seamlessly fits into your current Adobe workflow, helping you to achieve professional results quickly and easily. We’ve optimized our plugin to work cross-platform, as well as being completely up-to-date with Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 or later.

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To download a trial version, click on the product page.

Cebas finalrender for Maya

finalRender for Maya is one of the best-integrated rendering systems for Maya with full support for Maya’s Hypershade Editor and many of the native Maya shader nodes. It also offers one of the easiest and most efficient integrated rendering pipeline systems for Maya.

Beta Version: finalRender for Maya 2018
Release Date: May 2018 (This one is still going on.)
Beta Type: Open

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cebas finalRender for 3ds Maxcebas finalRender for 3ds Max

finalRender is a photographer’s dream come true

trueHybrid™ technology – bringing the power of CPU and GPU together! finalRender for 3ds Max is the perfect choice for 3d artists and studios alike wanting the maximum in image quality and photo-realism, without experiencing a brain melt when setting up complex scenes for rendering! And no compromises.

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"beehive</aGlassbox BeeHive

Collaborative, virtual scene syncing, editing and review solution, built to streamline the real-time exchange of data between cameras, DCC applications and your game engine of choice.

A complete virtual production toolkit, BeeHive lets you review and modify assets, troubleshoot lighting and FX, check your actor’s face and body performance in real-time, do scene modifications, even build entire worlds from scratch for VR experiences and collaborate with your team whether on-site or remotely.

Visualize and collaborate across your entire virtual production shoot with a toolkit built to meet the needs of, particularly, today’s virtual directors, cinematographers, and artists. Coming soon for Unreal EngineUnity 3D and Autodesk Maya.

Beta Version: unknown
Release Date: August 2019
Beta Type: Public

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Kengo Ito GraFixer for Cinema 4D

This beta lets Cinema 4D users create graphs using profiles with one click. Kengo says, “Remember to read captions before you download and use it.”

Beta version: v0.1
Release date: 19 August 2019
Beta Type: Open

Download Grafixer Beta

Project LavinaChaos Group V-Ray Project Lavina

At SIGGRAPH 2019, Chaos Group presented Project Lavina, a groundbreaking application for 100% ray tracing in real-time. Chiefly, it’s a simple drag and drop for artists, without the need for setting up a game engine.

Beta Version: Not yet available
Release Date: Starting soon, register for updates
Beta Type: Available to V-Ray Next Render Licensees

Register for updates Read more about Project Lavina at Toolfarm

Boomer Labs SuperBlob Beta

super-fast blob mesh replacement with lots of cool features. Furthermore, the latest build is for 3ds MAX 2018, 2019, 2020.

Beta Version: 0.45A
Release Date: 29 June 2019
Beta type: Initial Public Release

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