macOS Big Sur Compatiblity – Updated 14 October 2020

macOS Big Sur Compatibility

Big Sur, the next-generation of the macOS operating system, is coming soon! People are speculating that it will be released next week. This release pushes macOS to version 11 and appears to include major changes under the hood. Check back to this page as we hear of compatibility successes and problems with your video and audio tools.

Apple announced Big Sur at the WWDC in June 2020 and has been in a public beta. The 10th beta was released for developers today. It’s a complete overhaul so we are expecting there will be compatibility issues with software and plugins, as companies race to update their products.

Mac Rumors has a big list of software that works in Big Sur.

If you are a Toolfarm Vendor, please let us know if your software is compatible or not compatible. Thank you!

This page will be updated as we have more information from our vendors, so bookmark it.


How to Prepare Your Mac to Upgrade to macOS Big Sur

  1. Make sure your Mac is compatible
  2. Clean out your Mac and back it up.
  3. Choose how to upgrade (migration or clean install)
  4. Upgrade!


macOS Big Sur Compatibility Notes


They are still testing and do not support it yet. Adobe recommends that you wait until it’s no longer in beta to install it and run Adobe software. In addition, they are suggesting that you run your Adobe apps in a test environment. Read more.

According to Mac Rumors, below, is the status for the current Big Sur beta.

  • Illustrator 2020 – Works in the beta
  • Photoshop 2019 & 2020 – Works in the beta
  • Adobe Bridge 2020 – Crashes in the beta
  • Indesign CC 2019 & 2020 – Sort of works in the beta, but is glitchy


  • Final Cut Pro X Version 10.4.8 is compatible with Big Sur.
  • Logic – reports say that it works in the beta


v7.2.1 delivers bug fixes, better performance, and improved support for macOS 11 Big Sur Beta.


The latest Redshift open beta is for testing on the Big Sur beta 3 or higher. In other words, they’re testing it now. More info


Steinberg recommends that you wait until the entire compatibility chart for Steinberg products is released for trouble-free operation. Read more.


ScreenFlow. The current version works in the Big Sur beta

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