macOS Big Sur Compatibility – Updated 11 December 2020

macOS Big Sur Compatibility

Big Sur, the next-generation of the macOS operating system, is coming soon! People are speculating that it will be released next week. This release pushes macOS to version 11 and appears to include major changes under the hood. Check back to this page as we hear of compatibility successes and problems with your video and audio tools.

Apple announced Big Sur at the WWDC in June 2020 and has been in a public beta. The 10th beta was released for developers. It’s a complete overhaul so we are expecting there will be compatibility issues with software and plugins, as companies race to update their products.

Mac Rumors has a big list of software that works in Big Sur.

If you are a Toolfarm Vendor, please let us know if your software is compatible or not compatible. Thank you!

 This page will be updated as we have more information from our vendors, so bookmark it.



How to Prepare Your Mac to Upgrade to macOS Big Sur

  1. Make sure your Mac is compatible
  2. Clean out your Mac and back it up.
  3. Choose how to upgrade (migration or clean install)
  4. Upgrade!


macOS Big Sur Compatibility Notes


They are still testing and do not support it yet. Adobe recommends that you wait until it’s no longer in beta to install it and run Adobe software. In addition, they are suggesting that you run your Adobe apps in a test environment. Read more.

According to Mac Rumors, below, is the status for the current Big Sur beta.

  • Acrobat  – not yet supported
  • After Effects – fully supported
  • Bridge 2020 – Bridge 11.x is compatible, but there are some small issues.
  • Illustrator 2020 – fully supported
  • Indesign CC 2020 – fully supported
  • Lightroom and Lightroom Classic – fully supported
  • Photoshop 2020 – Photoshop 22.x is compatible but there are a few known issues.
  • Premiere Pro and Premiere Rush – fully supported


Accusonus reports that their ERA Bundle is working fine in beta. They are currently testing their other products.


Not yet supported.


The following products ARE fully compatible:

  • Final Cut Pro 10.5
  • Motion 5.5
  • Compressor 4.5
  • Pro Video Formats 2.2
  • GarageBand 10.4
  • Logic Pro 10.6 – updated 13 November 2020
  • Logic Remote 1.5
  • MainStage 3.5


They’re working on support and list Big Sur Intel support as coming soon for Pro Tools and Media Composer. More information

Sibelius 2020.6 is compatible with Big Sur.

Blue Cat Audio

Most Blue Cat Audio products are compatible. You’ll get a popup security warning about how the software can’t be opened due to it being malicious, but it’s okay. Learn more about how to override the warning.

The following ONLY run on Big Sur:

The following do not support Big Sur or Catalina:

  • Parametr’EQ Series

Digital Anarchy

Digital Anarchy reports, “All plugins are working fine in FCP X 10.5 under Catalina. Some plugins do work in FCP 10.4.x under Big Sur but the FCP 10.5/Big Sur combo does not usually work. Since you’re likely to get more benefit from FCP 10.5 than from Big Sur, I’d recommend just upgrading FCP and staying with Catalina. For Intel Macs, the benefits of Big Sur seem pretty limited.”

DA also said they are working on beta builds that work on Intel and Apple Silicon in the next week. Stay tuned!

Digital Rebellion Pro Media Tools  New

QT Edit in Pro Media Tools 2.0 has been rewritten to use the modern AV Foundation framework, allowing it to work in Catalina and Big Sur.


They have tested all of their products in Big Sur and did not find any issues. They still recommend waiting to update. More information.


v7.2.1 delivers bug fixes, better performance, and improved support for macOS 11 Big Sur Beta.


iLok services are fully compatible.

Imagine Products

Shotput Pro is now compatible with Big Sur.


They are currently testing iZotope product compatibility with macOS 11.  They are recommending to wait to upgrade to Big Sur. Read more.

Cinema 4D Release 23 is fully compatible with Big Sur. Note: This is NOT a patch and requires a full download and fresh install of Cinema 4D. Read more



  • Studio One 5.1.1
  • Notion (6.8.0 Build 18061)
  • PreSonus Sphere (all included software, add-ons, and bundled content)

Learn more

Reason Studios
Reason Studios products are compatible with Apple’s macOS Big Sur, including the following:

  • Reason Suite 11.3.4 and later (online authorization only)
  • Reason 11.3.4 and later (online authorization only)

The following products have not been tested with macOS Big Sur but are being tested. We’ll update the information when we have it.

  • Reason 10.4.1
  • ReCycle 2.2.4

Red Giant
All products are compatible, except Magic Bullet Colorista IV & Denoiser III. They will not work in Apple FCPX or Motion at this time.

All current versions are compatible. If you are not sure if your current Red Giant installations are up-to-date, follow the instructions below.

  1. Run Red Giant Application Manager to see if any of your products have an update available (noted with a blue button marked “UPDATE”).
  2. If there is an Update Button, click on it and follow the instructions for installation.
  3. If there is no indication of an available update, you are on the current version. You can also choose “check for updates” to be sure.


The latest Redshift open beta (Redshift v3.0.33) is for testing on the Big Sur beta 3 or higher. In other words, they’re testing it now. More info

Steinberg recommends that you wait until the entire compatibility chart for Steinberg products is released for trouble-free operation. Read more.

However, Cubase 11(Pro, Artist & Element) is now compatible.

Steven Slate Audio
For users currently using Logic or Garageband, the new Big Sur MacOS update is not currently compatible with SSD or Trigger. We are working to resolve this issue and will notify you as soon as this is resolved. To ensure that your plugins still work correctly within Logic and Garageband, please DO NOT upgrade to Big Sur.

ScreenFlow 9 works with Big Sur, however, some minor fixes are needed before they are officially compatible. “Rest assured, our development team is currently working on getting ScreenFlow ready. If ScreenFlow is a critical application, we recommend holding off on transitioning to the new Apple macOS until we have a more concrete release. NOTE: If you update to Big Sur, at this time, you may experience a crash when trying to select a custom image for the mouse cursor on Big Sur OS. This will be resolved in our upcoming release of ScreenFlow. ScreenFlow 8 and earlier may not be compatible with Big Sur; we recommend you stay on your current OS or consider upgrading to get the latest updates on ScreenFlow.

Wirecast 14.0.4 has been tested on Big Sur and has been qualified with two main exceptions:

  • Xkeys on macOS Big Sur does not work
  • Mac System Audio Capture on macOS Big Sur continues to require either an audio driver or alternate routing methods depending on the type of Mac you have.

All Waves V12 plugins and Waves V11 applications (eMotion LV1, SuperRack, SoundGrid Studio, StudioRack, SoundGrid Driver) are now officially supported on macOS Big Sur 11.0.1 on Intel-based Mac computers.

X-Keys does not work with Big Sur. If you rely on X-Keys, do not update to Big Sur yet.

Posted by Michele Yamazaki