Update: Chaos Group V-Ray Next for SketchUp v2.2 (4.20.03)

Chaos Group V-Ray Next for Sketchup 2.2

Chaos Group has released an update to V-Ray Next for SketchUp, update v2.2. This release updates the Chaos Group License Server and V-Ray Swarm, as well as other fixes and improvements.

V-Ray Next for SketchUp v2.2 Bug Fixes and Improvements

Official release
Date – Aug. 04, 2020


  • Chaos Group License Server updated to version 5.5.0
  • V-Ray Swarm updated to version 1.4.4
  • The Chaos Group License Server web page now automatically opens after successful V-Ray installation
  • The Material Random Color render element now correctly generates unique colors for materials passed through a Two-Sided shader or ones using the Translucency attribute
  • The way materials are stored in a Proxy Mesh Component updated. This resolves various issues with 3rd party plugins utilizing V-Ray Proxies
  • Resolved an issue with the Sunlight caustic photon emission. The emission cone no longer cut in half in some situations
  • Adding a Bitmap diffuse texture material (or loading one with such texture assigned) no longer activates the SketchUp’s ‘Colorize’ material option
  • Coat layers (Diffuse or Reflection) added to a material that has no other base layer no longer display the full set of VRay Mtl parameters
  • CUDA hybrid rendering in bucket mode no longer leads to the exception in V-Ray Core when NVLink is used

Chaos Group V-Ray Next for SketchUpChaos Group V-Ray Next for SketchUp

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In Depth: Why Should I Use V-Ray?
In Depth: Why Should I Use V-Ray?

In summary, V-Ray is a powerful 3D rendering system, built for designers, architects, and jack-of-all-trades. To be sure, click to learn about how artists use V-Ray. To emphasize, there are lots of examples and trial versions for every field!

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki