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Powerful and fast plug-in version of the award-winning motion tracking software driven by the mocha Planar Tracking Engine

mocha pro has the ability to track even the toughest and most problematic shots, even following objects that go off screen, become obscured by another object, or lose focus, because it tracks “pixel patterns”, not points. The mocha Pro plug-in can be initiated from within your favorite host application. The plug-in workflow uses the NLE or effects host’s media engine and project format, so you have less of a need for transcoding or external file management. The newest version works with Adobe Creative Cloud (After Effect Effects & Premiere Pro), Avid Media Composer (AVX), The Foundry Nuke, Blackmagic Fusion Studio, HitFilm Pro, Vegas Pro and Silhouette v6.



Launch mocha Pro as a plug-in from within your favorite editing and effects hosts. The plug-in workflow uses the host’s media engine and project format, reducing the need for transcoding or external file management. Now supporting Avid Media Composer (AVX) and Adobe Creative Cloud (After Affect Effects & Premiere Pro), and OFX support for The Foundry's Nuke, and Blackmagic Design's Resolve.

Major Features:

  • Architecture & workflow improvements:
  • mocha Pro will run as plug-in. Using host media engine (AVX, Adobe, Nuke, Resolve)
  • OpenCL GPU accelerated Planar Tracking = Speed Improvements.
  • Improved project format = Faster Save & Load
  • New improved license system (allows users to activate & deactivate license)
  • Integrated Python Module with scripting interface*
  • User Interface & Layout improvements.

New Import/Export Support Features:

  • Export mocha roto shapes to Blackmagic Fusion*
  • Batch export mocha roto shapes to Autodesk Flame Gmask
  • Import & export roto projects to Silhouette*
  • Export tracking, roto & 3D camera to MochaBlend plug-in for Maxon C4D
  • Export planar tracking data to HitFilm 4 Pro

* These features are only available in stand alone mocha Pro 5, not plug-in on first release. Should be updated in future point release.

Even better workflow than Adobe bundled mocha AE: The mocha Pro 5 plug-in greatly improves on mocha AE by embedding planar tracking and masking directly into the plug-in instead of launching stand alone application. This uses the host media engine and project format, reducing the need for transcoding or external file management. Now Media Composer and Premiere users can enjoy the same mocha tools inside their edit timeline.

For AE users: mocha Pro 5 adds advanced modules: Lens, Insert, Remove, Camera Solve & Stabilize.

To purchase Floating Licenses, Click Here.

What users are saying

“Boris FX has a long heritage of creating high-quality plugins for Avid Media Composer,” says Kate Ketcham, product manager, Avid. “Their collaboration with Imagineer Systems on a mocha Pro AVX plug-in enables editors to access mocha’s unique planar tracking and object removal features without leaving the timeline for faster, more efficient finishing workflows."

Early beta testers are already giving mocha Pro 5 glowing reviews. Yoram Tal, a colorist & online editor on hit TV shows such as ABC’s Dancing with the Stars and upcoming American Grit on FOX proclaims, "The mocha Pro 5 plug-in is exactly what I have been asking for. As a finishing artist, I am tasked with difficult corrections and fixes, so the ability to run mocha as an Avid Media Composer plug-in gives me a huge time-saving benefit. Also, the GPU planar tracker speed increase helps me get shots done quicker. Together, the new mocha Pro plug-in and the recent incorporation of mocha technology into Boris Continuum 10 plug-ins are probably the most significant effects tool advancements in recent Media Composer history.”



mocha 5 planar tracker

Planar Tracking

Award-winning tracker, now updated with GPU acceleration!

Our renowned planar tracking has now been updated in mocha Pro 5 for speed and efficiency with GPU tracking and plug-in options. Planar tracking is at the heart of all mocha Pro modules and is used to drive 2D & 3D tracking, roto-masking, object removal and more. Unlimited tracking layers and advanced AdjustTrack interface can handle reflections, occlusions, noise, even areas with motion blur or low details. Learn how mocha’s planar tracking has earned its place as the “go to tool” for difficult motion tracking tasks.

mocha roto tools

Advanced Roto Tools

mocha Pro drastically reduces time spent on manual masking & key-framing projects.

X-spline and Bezier tools are designed to quickly create and edit detailed roto shapes. When linked to mocha’s planar tracking, roto shapes inherit motion and perspective, dramatically reducing manual keyframe work. Advanced tools for shape editing include per-point edge feathering, join layers tool, transform tool, group layers and more make mocha Pro the ideal system for rotoscoping.

mocha object removal

Object Removal

Automatically remove unwanted elements, wires, rigs and tracking marks with ease.

mocha Pro’s Remove Module is an amazing alternative to traditional clone and paint techniques for getting rid of unwanted pixels and removing objects. It automatically detects and blends pixels from other frames with little user input, offering massive time savings. mocha Pro’s clean plate functionality imports and corrects fixed frames for digital beauty work and matte painting.

mocha insert module

Insert Module

Render accurate match moves and screen inserts with motion blur or mesh warp distortion.

mocha Pro 5′s Insert Module allows you to render an image onto your tracked surface within mocha Pro or back to your host timeline with the new plug-in option. Composite with realistic motion blur or render out the tracked insert. Powerful mesh warp distortion tool allows the user to wrap and bend inserts onto non flat surfaces. Combines with Lens Module for realistic VFX compositing on distorted footage.

mocha lens module

Lens Module

Calibrate, correct and remove lens distortion.

This simple and easy-to-use interface allows users to calibrate the distortion introduced by camera lenses. Unwanted lens distortion can be removed or matched for realistic compositing. Export lens data or render correction in the new mocha Pro 5 plug-in option.

mocha 3d camera solver

3D Camera Solver

Camera tracking for 3D visual effects.

Solve 3D match moving capabilities with planar ease. Unlike feature based tracking, mocha solves the 3D camera based on user-selected planes. This fast and easy-to-use solution is ideal for set extensions, 3D text and particle tracking. Additionally the 3D solver can be used to assist other 3D tracking applications on difficult shots with low detail or significant foreground occlusions.

mocha stabilize module

Stabilize Module

Smooth camera jitter and lock down shots.

The stabilize module can lock down camera motion or stabilize moving objects for visual effects and finishing work. A smooth option with selectable anchor frames helps reduce high frequency jitters while maintaining original camera motion. Center, scale or crop stabilized footage based on user driven planar tracking.

mocha stereoscopic 3d

Stereoscopic 3D

Stereo 3D planar tracking, masking and object removal workflow.

mocha Pro 5 supports native stereo 3D. This workflow uses planar tracking analysis on “both eye views” to reduce manual offsets and tedious keyframe work on stereo 3D rotoscoping, tracking, 3D camera solve and object removal.


Imagineer mocha Full Comparison Chart (pops)


New in Mocha Pro 5.6

  • Stereo Support in the Plugin: Most of the plugins now support Stereo, Top/Bottom and Left/Right stereo views. AVX plugins support Top/Bottom and Left/Right.
  • Top/Bottom and Left/Right support in Standalone: the standalone version now supports Top/Bottom and Left/Right stereo modes
  • Plugin Auto-save: Plugin versions now save a backup of your file at intervals in just in case the host has a problem or you forget to save!
  • Save the last used Mocha project Open and Export locations: No more tedious hunting for the same directory 100 times!

New in Mocha Pro 5.5.2

  • Support for Vegas Pro: The OFX plugin is now officially supported in Vegas Pro
  • Support for multi-core CPUs: Mocha now takes advantage of multiple cores when tracking with the CPU
  • Auto Step for Remove: You  can  now  have  the  Remove  module  calculate  Step automatically
  • Python can now access the playhead: Provided API to get the playhead position with Python, which makes it easier to control keyframe setting
  • Python can now read/write image data in clips: Provided API to be able to read pixel data from any clip frame and create new output clips with image data. See the Python Guide for more details.

What's new in mocha Pro 5.5.1

  • Better Linux installation support: You  can  now  install  mocha  to  a  different directory on Linux.
  • Memory performance improvements: mocha is now much more memory efficient
  • GPU  tracking  improvements:  The  GPU  tracker  has  new  stability  and  accuracy improvements.
  • Tracking search areas are optimized: mocha now adjusts the initial ‘Auto’ search area based on the image size. This also scales with proxies.
  • Rendering is faster in Media Composer: We have added several improvements to the AVX rendering speed and stability. See “Known Defects” for potential issues related to linked footage.

New in mocha Pro 5.2

  • New Floating License Support: You can now run both the mocha Pro standalone and mocha Pro plug-in options off one floating license server. Learn more.
  • New Render License Option: A new Render License option allows users to render projects on a networked render farm or different workstation without taking up a full license.
  • Improved GPU tracking performance: mocha’s planar tracking has been updated to take advantage of supported video card hardware for significantly faster motion tracking. OpenCL GPU tracking in mocha v5.2 is even faster and now supports 16 and 32 bit source images.
  • New Apply Tracking Feature in After Effects Plug-in: You can now apply generated tracking data to other layers via the plug-in interface rather than exporting to the clipboard.
  • Improvements & bug fixes: including improved Python scripting support, improved handling of larger, multi-layer projects and numerous plug-in fixes for Adobe, Avid and OFX.

What's new in v5.1.1?

This is a patch update with Python, defect fixes, improved GPU support and other performance/stability improvements.

  • Improved Remove Performance: Improved remove performance, especially when using clean plates.
  • Improved GPU Tracker: Support for Lens calibration. Additional improvements to card support, speed, stability and accuracy.
  • Customize Preferences with Python: You can now set preferences with Python using a Settings API
  • Python  Frame  Buffer  Control:  Python  mocharender.py  and  mochaexport.py scripts now accept arguments to turn on and off frame buffers
  • Other  Python  API  improvements:  (see  Python  Guide  and  mocha  Python reference).

See full changelog for all fixes and workarounds.

What's new in v5.0.2?

  • Adds support for Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015.3 and After Effects CC 2015.3

Software Requirement:

  • Mac: Mac OS X 10.7 or higher on Intel
  • Windows: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP Professional SP2 or higher, Windows Vista Business or Ultimate, on x64.
  • Linux: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, CentOS 5 or a compatible Linux distribution on x86_64.


  • Recommended Hardware Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent
  • Memory: 4 GB +
  • Disk: High-speed disk array
  • Graphics Card: NVDIA Quadro FX 1500 or equivalent
  • Monitor: 1920×1080 or higher
  • Network: Must have an enabled network adapter (wifi or ethernet)
  • Minimal Requirements:  Processor: At least 1-GHz Pentium IV Disk: At least 1 GB Memory: At least 1 GB Graphics card: Must support OpenGL Monitor: Minimum resolution 1200×800 pixels Network: Must have an enabled network adapter (WiFi or ethernet)

Licensing options: 

  • nodelocked or cross-platform, floating license

Mocha Pro 5 plug-in support: 

  • Adobe After Effects & Premiere Pro CC 2014-2018
  • Avid Media Composer v8 or greater
  • OFX: Foundry NUKE
  • OFX: Blackmagic Design Fusion
  • OFX: VEGAS Pro
  • OFX: HitFilm

Workflow support: 

  • Adobe After Effects & Premiere Pro
  • Avid Media Composer
  • Apple Final Cut Pro & Motion
  • Autodesk Flame, Smoke & Maya
  • Assimilate Scratch
  • Blackmagic Fusion & DaVinci Resolve
  • Boris Continuum
  • HitFilm
  • Magix Vegas Pro
  • Maxon Cinema 4D
  • The Foundry Nuke
  • Silhouette
  • MochaBlend for C4D learn more
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