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Tutorial Tuesday: 360° VR Inspirations and mocha VR Tutorials

Tutorial Tuesday: 360° VR Inspirations and mocha VR Tutorials

With Vimeo’s announcement last week about their support of VR, we thought we would showcase a few tutorials that will help you create immersive VR content and show you what some content creators have made with these tools.

360° Inspiration

There’s a lot of 360° video out there which isn’t all that great. Specifically, the seams are really obvious and the quality isn’t very good. It seems like 360° Video is still trying to find it’s niche, too. Some interactive shorts that I’ve watched really seem like they’re pushing it (and not in a good way). Nevertheless, I’ve seen some interesting art films, travel videos, stage performances, and promotional materials using 360° video and it was really quite good! To demonstrate, here are a few interesting things I’ve seen lately.

Longing for Wilderness + Making of Video

This video was created by Marc Zimmermann/EpicScapes and was featured at the Maxon website (See Virtual Escape from the Daily Routine). Marc devised the wild and airy landscape and vegetation in Maxon Cinema 4D using the MoGraph Cloner to add trees and bushes. He utilized TurbulenceFD to generate the fog in the forest and the fragments of dust on the construction site, too.

The “making of” video breaks down the process.

The Future of Music + Making of

Greg Barth is a Geneva, Switzerland-based artist behind this masterpiece called The Future of Music. This project features a colorful set where the subjects make music and defy gravity, swim through walls, and most of the effects were created ‘in camera’!

And the Making of…

We’ll certainly feature more great 360° VR work in the future. On Wednesdays, we have Midweek Motivations, where we feature cool work from around the world.

360° VR Tutorials

First, here’s the info on Vimeo 360. Facebook and YouTube have had some 360 features for a while.

Additionally, check out this tutorial about 360 footage in Premiere Pro by Sander Bruggink, Review and approval of VR and 360° footage in Adobe projects: The New Dimension of Video Editing.

Check Midweek Motivations out now!

mocha VR: 360° video plug-in tutorials

Mocha VRmocha VR introduces the exciting new capability to work on 360 video projects inside of Adobe products, OFX-supported tools, and Avid Media Composer. Mocha VR is now included in Mocha Pro.

360° video plug-in in Avid Media Composer with Mocha VR

In this video below, mocha Product Specialist Mary Poplin introduces Avid editors to the core workflow:

Reorienting 360 footage

  • Tracking and masking for color correction
  • Secondly, Object removal – removing camera rigs, shadows, etc
  • And, lastly, horizon stabilization – improve the headset experience!

2 Products, 1 Price: Get both Mocha Pro and Mocha VR features in one all-encompassing plug-in

Learn more: mocha Pro

Color Correction masking with mocha VR in Premiere Pro

Mocha Product Manager Martin Brennand takes you through using Mocha VR for tracking and masking to isolate specific areas for shadows and highlight correction in VR footage. Also, he’s using Lumetri color grading tools inside Adobe Premiere Pro.

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