Maxon / Red Giant Floating License Overview

An Explanation of Licensing Options for Floating Maxon/ Red Giant Products.

When purchasing floating volume licensing, you have a choice of 3 options for license management:

1. Organizational Accounts

Internet Required: Yes
Supports: Cinema 4D, Maxon One, Red Giant and Redshift*


Assign groups of licenses from MyMaxon user accounts that allow floating as set by the admin. (Similar to Adobe Teams). Once the organization is created, you can invite users, assign admins, and issue licenses via drag and drop. After they are added to your organization, users can sign into Cinema 4D or Cineversity with their MyMaxon account credentials.

There are a few cases where Organizational accounts may not be the best option:

  • On-premise installations where individual systems don’t have internet access, or in cases where it’s prohibitive to set up MyMaxon accounts for each user (like a school lab). In this case License Server is a better choice.

More info on Organizational Accounts


2. RLM Reprise License Management

Internet Required: No For offline use
Supports: Cinema 4D, Redshift, Red Giant and Redshift*


Allows completely offline use, licensed to server details. The best option when you need to manage your application licensing for multiple software manufacturers. It’s also a great solution for secure or closed production environments. To modify the hostname of the license, simply open the license in a text editor such as text on Mac, and Note Pad on Windows, change only the hostname, then save the file and restart your RLM Server. NOTE: RLM is not compatible on Mac OSX 11 (Big Sur).

3. Maxon License Server

Internet Required: Yes Requires periodic Internet access
Supports: Cinema 4D and Redshift* Only. Maxon One Not Supported


The web interface offers a clear graphical view of floating licenses pooled from multiple Maxon Accounts, with detailed ownership, validity info and activity log.


*Redshift is supported by all three options as long as it is the Redshift version that is bundled with Cinema 4D.

Please contact sales@toolfarm.com with any questions or additional guidance on choosing the best license for your needs.


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