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A Common Mistake when Animating Walkcycles in Maya

A Common Mistake when Animating Walkcycles in Maya

See Part 1: Burning Question: How Do I Create A Walk Cycle?

First check out the original article, Burning Question: How do I create a Walk Cycle? In the article, we go back to old-school technical animations of walk cycle sketches for cell animation. There are loads of reference videos of different people walking with different gaits, some DuDuF IK and Animation Tools for Adobe After Effects, Animating a Walk-Cycle Using Loop Expressions, and Walk Cycles in MAXON CINEMA 4D. Today we're focusing on Maya and walk cycles in general. Special thanks to Lester Banks for curating great content for Maya! 

Read Part 1: Burning Question: How do I create a Walk Cycle?

Walk Cycles in Maya

Animation for Videogames tutorial: Creating a character animation set in Maya

This is the third part of a series of tutorials by James Marijeanne. He talks about the pre-vis process, which is extremely important in the video game development process. Then he sets up run and walk cycles for our new character. [Via Lester Banks]

A Common Mistake when Animating Walkcycles in Maya

Brian Horgan tells you what NOT to do when animating walk cycles. This is extremely useful information, especially if you're a beginner. [Via Lester Banks]

Run Cycle Tips 

Chiara Porri has been an animator for over a decade and in this video she gives some great advice on creating a run cycle in Maya. She talks about the style and build of the character and how it pertains to the run cycle. [Via Lester Banks]

Female Walk Cycle – Workflow Tutorial

Another from Chiara Porri, this time focusing on the walk cycle of the female of the species. [Via Lester Banks]

4 Legged Animals: Quadruped Locomotion Tutorial

So, what if you're animating a 4 legged critter instead of a bi-ped? It's double the fun! Felix Sputnik explains how to animate a quadruped. [Via Lester Banks]

Walk Cycle Animal Gaits for Animators

Stephen Cunnane animated some great examples of animals walking, jogging, strutting, galloping…

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