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Adjust Time and Warp Using Elastic Audio in Avid Pro Tools

Adjust Time and Warp Using Elastic Audio in Avid Pro Tools

In this tutorial Matt Hibbard from Premium Beat walks us through the keyboard symbols, techniques and functions with their relationship to warping techniques in Avid’s Pro Tools.  

Here's an excerpt:

Before we begin there are a few things to discuss when it comes to warping audio. Pro Tools offers real-time processing for Elastic Audio (displayed as a plug-in) as well as rendered processing for CPU conscious users. There are five types of Elastic Audio plug-ins to choose from: Polyphonic, Rhythmic, Monophonic, Varispeed, and X-Form (the later features rendered processing only).

How you elasticize the audio will vary greatly depending on what type of track you are warping. Percussive tracks with defined transient peaks such as drums or handclaps should use the Rhythmic algorithm. Audio featuring vocals or dialogue works best with the Monophonic algorithm. Choose the correct Elastic Audio option in the Elastic Audio pop-up selector on the track header…” – Matt Hibbard

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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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