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An Efficient Method for Rendering Frosted Glass

An Efficient Method for Rendering Frosted Glass

Maxwell Render Frosted Glass

Tom explains how to achieve a realistic frosted glass surface. “Asymmetry is the key for adjusting the amount of frosting you want. In this case, we need negative asymmetry which is -0,850 as in the given example. Reflectance, Transmittance, Nd and Roughness can be the same as we would set in a typical rough glass because single-sided SSS will only replace the effect behind the glass surface. If you would like it to be more diffuse, increase the asymmetry or if you like it less diffuse, simply decrease it.”

Read the full article here and download the free frosted glass material.

Maxwell Render has a free resource library, too, if you need something more.


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Posted by Michele

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