BOOM Library LiftFX Walkthrough #gettingstarted

boom library liftfx

Check out this walkthrough to see how easy it is to get just the right sound, tempo, pitch and more with LiftFX from BOOM Library.

LiftFX Walkthrough


BOOM Library LiftFX

Risers, build-ups, drops, breaks, downlifters, swells, sweeps, falls – it has never been so easy to hype your audience. Forget samples, just turn the knob or let liftFX even do that for you, automatically, in beat sync at the length you need it to be.

Build-Ups and risers are core parts of modern music and trailer productions. They’re essential as it is them who catch you and generate an unstoppable tension over time, crawling upwards from the stomach to the chest, culminating in an irrepressible peak that can move a whole stadium of people. LiftFX will help you achieve just that.

  • Playable, clean and easy to learn
  • 275 unique presets to get you started
  • Full Control: Any direction, duration, tempo
  • Manipulate parameters with Automation and Modwheel

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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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