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C4D Live SIGGRAPH 2018 Rewind – Round 2

C4D Live SIGGRAPH 2018 Rewind – Round 2


This is the second round of videos from SIGGRAPH 2018, held earlier in August in Vancouver, Canada. Watch the fantastic presentations from Tim Clapham, Athanasios Pozantzis, and Orestis Konstantinidis, all presenting with Cinema 4D Release 20. All of the videos are also hosted at

  • Tim Clapham: Creative Motion Graphics Workflows with VDB
  • Athanasios Pozantzis: Structure from Chaos. Using Volumes with Fields
  • Orestis Konstantinidis: Entering The Fields


Tim Clapham: Creative Motion Graphic Workflows with VDB

Duration: 49:47  |  Made with Release: 20   |  Works with Release: 20 and greater

Tim Clapham of Luxx Studios and HelloLuxx shows several motion graphics applications for the Volume Object in Cinema 4D R20. You’ll see two different techniques for creating fluid text effects, including one which adds dripping blood to the text. You’ll also see how to use Matrices cloned onto a surface in conjunction with volumes, how to mesh noise fields directly, and how to create layered volumes by applying curve modifiers to a single random field. Finally, Tim shows how to use formula fields to modify a volume, and how random matrices on the surface of an object can modify the result when applied as a subfield.

02:46 OpenVDB Intro
06:53 Honey Fake Fluid with VDB
11:48 The Guilty – VDB Fluid effect with Fields
23:01 Einstein – Matrices and Volumes
30:03 Meshing Fields with VDB Fog
34:38 Meshing Multiple Fields using Curve Modifiers
41:01 Meshing Formula Fields and Using Subfields

Athanasios Pozantzis: Structure from Chaos. Using Volumes with Fields

Duration: 48:49  |  Made with Release: 20   |  Works with Release: 20 and greater

See the power of Volumes and Fields in Cinema 4D R20 in the live Siggraph 2018 presentation from Thanassis Pozantsis (aka Noseman). You’ll see every step as Thanassis builds 4 examples from scratch using the OpenVDB Volume workflow and Fields within both MoGraph and Deformers. You’ll see how to create an urchin or cellular shape easily with Volumes and Hair – a great technique for science and medical visualization. You’ll also see how to grow and fill text with liquid using the Freeze field, and how to visualize a bullet through gel using Volumes and a Tracer. Thanassis also creates an elaborate yet elegant rig for boiling bubbles by combining the power of Volumes and Fields, using the Time field in particular to animate the effect.

03:20 Urchin with OpenVDB Volumes and Hair
13:08 Liquid Text with OpenVDB Volumes
22:14 Bullet through Gel
28:14 Torus Boils
43:52 VDB Value Probe

Orestis Konstantinidis: Entering The Fields

Duration: 44:58  |  Made with Release: 20   |  Works with Release: 20 and greater

Orestis Konstantinidis was the primary UX designer working on Cinema 4D R20’s Fields system and shares both the concepts that guided the design of the system and many great practical examples of how Fields can be used. You’ll see how to apply Fields to effectors, deformers, vertex maps, and volumes. When used with the Target Effector, Fields can even define the direction of clones. With the Falloff node in Xpresso you can use Fields to control any object parameter, and by modifying the parameters of an Alembic cache you can even modify animation with Fields and create stop-motion effects. Orestis demonstrates several techniques that use the growth animation of fields to morph between multiple shapes or reveal objects.

10:20 Basic Fields with MoGraph Effectors
11:47 Fields with Deformers
13:48 Fields with Vertex Maps / Particle and Decay Field
15:20 Fields in Volumes
20:57 Field Direction / Target Effector
24:32 Fields in Point Selections
26:58 Using Fields to Control any C4D Parameter / Xpresso Falloff Node
28:52 Bake As Alembic and Use Fields to Modify Animation
31:15 Freeze Layer / Field Growth
34:18 Cube to Sphere Morph WIth Fields / Spherify Deformer
40:00 Head Reveal / Growth and Volumes

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