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Constantin Maier Workflower Tutorials #gettingstarted

workflower tutorial

Here are 6 tutorials covering all the core functions of Workflower.  You don’t need to watch all tutorials to get started! Simply choose what you’re interested in.

1. Overview (11:56)
2. Installation (10:57)
3. Groups, Renaming & Relabeling (29:57)
4. Precomp Clones & Clones in Comp (46:48)
5. Creating & Merging Mattes (16:39)
6. Adjustment Layers & Storing Layers (17:40)

Workflower Tutorial 1: Overview

Note: If you want to go straight into learning more in-depth about Workflower, you can also skip this tutorial, as I will be teaching everything from scratch in the other tutorials. However, if you still want to get a basic overview of the functions and/or just a very quick start on how to use Workflower, this tutorial is for you.

1. Introduction
2. Overview of Group Functions
3. Overview of Cloning Functions
4. Overview of Matting Functions
5. Overview of Adjustment Layer Functions


Workflower Tutorial 2: Installation

1. Installing the Script
2. Installing Shortcuts
3. Add. Shortcut Instructions Mac & some Win Users
4. Single Script vs. Individual Scripts (Win only)


Workflower Tutorial 3: Groups, Renaming & Relabeling

1. Create Groups
2. Refresh Layout
3. Relabel Groups
4. Expand and Collapse Groups
5. Rename Layers
6. Enable and Disable Groups
7. Solo Groups
8. Lock Groups
9. Ungroup Layers
10. Dissolve Groups
11. Delete Groups
12. Parent Group Layers
13. Set Parent Exception Layers
14. Duplicate Groups
15. Non-Indented Layout
16. Expression Mode
17. Unavailable After Effects Functions
18. Additional Relabeling Functions
19. Additional Renaming Functions


Workflower Tutorial 4: Precomp Clones & Clones in Comp

1. Introduction to Clone & Precomp
2. Refresh Connections
3. Add and Remove Clone Layers
4. Custom Clone Layers States
5. Duplicate Precomp Clones
6. Delete Precomp Clones
7. Group Clones
8. Create a Lightwrap using Precomp Clones
9. Refresh All Connections
10. Link and Unlink Properties
11. Custom Clone Layer Order
12. Duplicate Comps with Precomp Clones
13. Introduction to Prime Clones
14. Create a Bump Map using Prime Clones
15. Stack Prime Clones
16. Reveal Opacity of Prime Clone Layers
17. Show and Hide Prime Clone Layers
18. Solo Prime Clone Layers
19. Enable Precomp Transforms
20. Custom Precomp Size
21. Clone in Comp (to use with 2.5D Layers)
22. Clone in Comp (to use as a Matte)
23. Quick Refresh Connections
24. Quick Refresh Clone Connections within Refresh Layout
25. 3D Precomp Clones (Beta)


Workflower Tutorial 5: Creating & Merging Mattes

1. Create Mattes
2. Multi-Layer Mattes
3. Group Mattes
4. Group Matte with External Layers
5. Introduction to Merge Mattes
6. Adding new Mattes to a Matte Merge
7. Matte Collection Groups
8. Update Matte Merge Effect Names


Workflower Tutorial 6: Adjustment Layers & Storing Layers

1. Introduction to Linked Adjustment Layers
2. Add and Remove Linked Layers
3. Convert Properties to Comp Size
4. Multiple Linked Adjustment Layers
5. Other Effects on Linked Layers
6. Link and Unlink Properties
7. Delete Linked Adjustment Layers
8. Group Linked Adjustment Layers
9. Create Matted Adjustment Layers
10. Store and Paste Stored Layers



Missing Essentials for After Effects

Annoyed by messy After Effects comps? With Workflower, you can create layer groups within your comp, as well as use other workflow-enhancing tools, like adjustment layers to selected layers only, layer cloning, or matte merging.

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