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Coremelt Slice X for Final Cut Pro X

Coremelt Slice X for Final Cut Pro X

Review and tutorial by Apple trainer Mikey Bouchereau:

“This is an amazing plugin. It does exactly what you expect it to do. Slice X allows the user to create custom masks. Now you may be telling yourself “But Mikey there are lots of free plugins that do that already.” and well you would be right. But there is not a single plugin that does it as eloquently and effortlessly as Slice X.”

“…now that I have you interested let me really explain Slice X. Unlike a lot of the other masking tools for Final Cut Pro X, Slice X does not limit you to the amount of points for the mask, it also doesn’t force extra points on you. The default mask in Final Cut Pro X, only has 4 points. The one from Ripple Training is an 8-point Garbage Matte. There are others with 10-points, 20-points, or 30-points, but what if you needed say 11 or 13 points, or maybe 5 points. You would be stuck using one that had more points than you needed or trying to make due with a matte that had too few points. “

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