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CrumplePop PopRemover AI Audio Plugin Tutorials for all Hosts #gettingstarted

crumplepop popremover ai tutorial

Remove plosive sounds and popping Ps with CrumplePop’s PopRemover AI Audio Plugin. Below, view tutorials for Final Cut Pro X, Premiere Pro, Davinci Resolve, and Adobe Audition.

Remove Pops and Plosives in Final Cut Pro Tutorial – PopRemover AI Audio Plugin

Remove Pops and Plosives in Premiere Pro Tutorial

Remove Pops and Plosives in Davinci Resolve Tutorial

Remove Pops and Plosives in Adobe Audition Tutorial

CrumplePop PopRemover AICrumplePop PopRemover AI

Remove Plosive Sounds from videos and podcasts

Plosive noises are caused by a blast of air hitting the microphone, often after sounds like “p” and “b”. It sounds like someone has bumped into the mic, and it’s a common problem in podcasts and voiceovers. CrumplePop PopRemover AI™ intelligently targets and removes only this problematic plosive noise, leaving the voice intact.

If you are an experienced audio engineer, you can carefully work on each plosive noise and try to improve it. But it is a time-consuming process. In a word, PopRemover AI™ uses AI to remove these plosive noises automatically.

Learn More Try PopRemover AI for free!

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