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Bang your Drum: A Roundup of Drum Tutorials

Drum Tutorials

These drum tutorials start out with creating digital beats in Propellerhead Reason and then we’ll showcase a few tutorials about mixing live drums.

Drum Tutorials: How to Make Trap Drums in Reason 10

Jelie from Kickback Couture explains how she makes trap drum sequences with Propellerhead Reason’s unique workflow.

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 Drum Tutorials: Tips for Mixing Drums

Learn about iZotope’s visual mixer that makes it much easier to mix drums. In this tutorial, iZotope’s Neutron plug-in is being used.

iZotope NeutroniZotope Neutron

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Drum Tutorials: How to Align Kick Drum Phase in a Hip-Hop Mix

This is from Bob Horn’s Produce like a Pro segment. He is using Pro Tools.

See also:

Mixing Drums using the Pro Series Plug-ins in Pro Tools by Mike Hiller at MusicTech.

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