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e-on software VUE Tips & Tricks: The Use of Denoisers in VUE

e-on vue denoiser tutorial

Follow along with Barry Marshall as he walks you through the use of both the Nvidia OptiX and Intel Open Source Image Denoisers in VUE.


The Path Tracer now includes two denoisers: The Nvidia OptiX and Intel Open Source Image Denoisers.

The denoisers will remove noise from a path-traced render, based on machine-learning technology. Effectively, you can use less samples for rendering and remove noise automatically after the render is finished, which results in much faster rendering times.

Denoising is supported both with the interactive Path Tracer in the viewport and with the offline Path Tracer. By using the denoiser with the interactive Path Tracer, you get an almost real-time preview of your scene in a much better quality than what OpenGL can offer.

VUE is found in all 3 e-on Software Solutions:

e-on Software Professional Solution

e-on Software Professional Solution

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The right solution for productive professionals

Includes VUE and PlantFactory – a solution for professionals and freelancers to enhance their artwork at any point within their workflow.

The Professional Solution enables freelance artists and small to medium studios to create digital 3D environments for VFX, films, gaming, and architectural visualization industries.

Let the power of procedural technology help you model, texture, render, and export your scenes and assets with ease!

Dive into the solution that will help kickstart your creativity and productivity!

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e-on Software Creator Solution

e-on Software Creator Solution

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The right solution for Passionate Creators

Comprises VUE Creator and PlantFactory Creator – an attractive solution for artists to continue creating at a reasonable price.

Are you passionate about creating stunning, natural 3D environments?

This solution lets you recreate your wildest digital ideas – from photorealistic natural landscapes, terrains, sci-fi or fantasy scenes, to abstract art, and more! If you dream it, you can create it!

The Creator Solution balances both your budget and creativity by combining both VUE and PlantFactory – Creator Editions to fit all of your artistic needs!

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e-on Software Enterprise Solution

e-on Software Enterprise Solution

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The right solution for large scale production houses

The Enterprise Solution bundles VUE, PlantFactory, 25 rendernodes, network rendering licenses, and the PlantCatalog – an ever-growing library of new vegetation species.

Harness the power of procedural environment asset creation and become a digital God. Maximize both your team’s creativity and productivity, while boosting your return on investment and profitability.

Thanks to plethoric interoperability technologies, the Enterprise Solution seamlessly integrates into any production pipeline – for VFX, movie, gaming, and architectural visualization industries.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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