EPS Vector Graphic Import with Titler Pro

EPS Vector Graphic Import with Titler Pro

Here are the details on the One Day Sale – February 26, 2014 only. 

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Titler Pro 2.0 Features

  • Sony plugin in OpenFX
  • 2D and 3D fonts
  • Drag-n-drop animations (relative timing
  • Character styles presets
  • Paragraph styles presets
  • Raster-based effects
  • Raster-based transitions
  • Animation-based effects
  • Animation-based transitions
  • 100% GPU accelerated
  • Real-time preview of library presets
  • Import of images for textures
  • Dynamic animations without the hassle of key-framing
  • Unique character styles combining the power of both 2D and 3D effects (render technology)
  • 100% GPU accelerated
  • Extensible through the entire library of NewBlue effects and transitions

Posted by Michele Yamazaki