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How to EQ Bass in the Mix

Sam Loose with iZotope has some great EQ tips on how to mix bass using Neutron 4. He shows you some different EQ techniques to make the bass sit well in the mix, including Instrument EQ and Pocket EQ. He also shows how to clean up the low end so your results have bass clarity, depth, and dimension. For metering, he’s using iZotope Insight. Stick around til the end for an extra hot tip!

iZotope Neutron Elements

iZotope Neutron Elements

The Modern Way to Mix!

Get starting with mixing today. Sculpt sounds seamless while staying in your flow with Neutron 4 Elements, the modern and intelligent AI tool to assist your mix. Featuring an updated Assistant and the new Assistant View from Neutron 4, Elements is all you need to make quick sonic improvements to your tracks.

The new Neutron 4 Elements is streamlined to help you mix fast, including the upgraded Master Assistant and Assistant View.

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iZotope Neutron

iZotope Neutron

Modern. Intelligent. Your complete mixing suite.

Mix smarter and faster with iZotope’s Neutron 4, your complete suite for crafting a professional mix. Sculpt sounds seamlessly while staying in your flow.

Neutron 4 comes with 8 plug-ins including a mothership and 7 component modules. Use the component plug-ins individually or combine them in the mothership to sculpt your sound. Plus, you’ll get Visual Mixer, Relay and Tonal Balance Control 2 plug-ins to assist your mixing process.

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iZotope Everything Bundle

iZotope Everything Bundle

Creativity unleashed

The Everything Bundle contains every flagship product iZotope makes—including the new Ozone 11 Advanced, the new Nectar 4 Advanced, RX 10 Advanced and much more. From creative production to mixing, mastering to repair, this is the complete solution for any type of audio work. Includes the new Audiolens referencing app, Native Instruments Guitar Rig 7 Pro and VEA (Voice Enhancement Assistant). Plus, get Trash 3!

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